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    Hi Girls, 
    Do any of you out there known what flowers are in season in March?? I don’t know much about flowers so have no real idea. 
    Thanks :-) 


    Hi ExcitedBride, just found this… Very helpful!!


    Hi ExcitedBride, another website…. 


    Thanks Emeraldbride!! I will look at both :-) 


    Hi ExcitedBrideToBe09,
    My wedding is in March next year too.  I don’t really know much about flowers either, and most of the flower names of what’s in season mean nothing to me.  I found it really handy to jump on Facebook and look at a bunch of different florists from my area, and look at pictures they were uploading around the middle/end of march to get a better idea of what the in-season flowers look like.


    Hi Little_poss!
    Thanks for the tip! I think I may have to email the florst in the area and ask, I think I’ve found a couple available! 

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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