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    I’m trying to work out a budget for flowers for our wedding, and was wondering if anyone on here could offer some advice? I really have no clue how much to budget! I think we’d use a florist as I’d be too scared about buying them from a flowers market the day before and them looking dead by the time the reception rolls around the next evening! I’d like to go with flowers in season to cut the cost down a bit. We will have 3 bouqets (1 bridal, 2 bridesmaids) and the only flowers at the reception will be for 6 tables, with one low vase of flowers on each table. Does anyone have any idea how much to budget for this? Trying to find areas of our budget we can cut back on, but also think we are also in agreement that flowers on the tables at the reception are a must. Help!!



    Hi Modern Bride, for my engagement party I had 8 small ‘fishbowl’ style glasses with a combination of white carnations and lisianthius. I bought 4 bunches (so half a bunch per vase) and it cost me about $60.
    I had a quote last week for my bouquets, $85 for mine (hydrangeas) and $110 per bridesmaid (peach roses, peach carnations, lisianthuis).
    What time of year is your wedding? That will determine what flowers you should be looking at because they will be cheaper and more readily available. Bridal magazines or a florist will be able to fill you in on what is in season around your date.
    I don’t think I could go down the flower market route either, I live too far away from a decent market, and I think it is just one more thing to be worrying about the day before a wedding!
    So in regards to your budget, without knowing what time of year it is hard to say, but also take into consideration what type of vases you want on the tables, as you may need more/few flowers to make it look gorgeous, depending on the type of flower you choose.
    Best of luck!


    Thanks jsbride! It’s good to get an idea about how much bouqets will cost. I’m getting married in October so I’m not sure what flowers are in Season then but I guess i should find out before approaching a florist about a quote so they don’t try and talk me into something expensive and out of season without my knowing it! How does it usually work with florists if you don’t mind my asking? Do you first check if they are available on your date, work with them to finalise exactly what you want, and then they deliver the flowers very early on your wedding day to the reception venue? Is that about right? Probably sounds like a silly question, but I feel like I’m on top of how everything else works except the flowers!!I was hoping to have vases about this size for the receptiont tables – http://www.butterflyphilosophy.com.au/tables-and-venue-styling/#1Does anyone know if adding succulents is expensive? Like in the above link? I am not totally against buying flowers and doing it myself, I’m just not sure how it works exactly. After a few trial runs and working out what you want them to look like, would you buy the flowers from a flower market the day before the wedding, assemble them and then deliver them to the reception venue very early the day of your wedding? Is it tricky to keep them looking amazing for those 24+ hours? I’d be worried they would dead by the time of the reception. Would be greatful for your advice ladies!



    Those vases look about the same size as mine… Basically this is what I did. My mum picked up the flowers in the morning, I put arranged them in vases on tables mid afternoon, then the lasted the night, when we packed up mum put them in a plastic bag & bought them to me the next day, 90% of them were still in perfect condition and I had vases of flowers for another 5 or so days at home! So I don’t think you will have too much trouble keeping them alive.
    You can do some research online, but be sure to take note if what you are reading is from Australia (not USA!) because the seasons are different depending on which part of the world you are in!
    When I went into the florist, it was just spur of the moment, I walked in off the street. She gave me a few books to look at, I picked out a few ideas I liked, she wrote it down & then rang me back a day later with an estimate. I just made it clear that it was the first enquiry I had made & that our wedding wasn’t until November and she was all good. I have found so far that they generally suggest flowers that are in season, because it is less of a headache for them, if they promise you 4 bouquets and then find out the week before that they can’t get the flowers they need, they would be dealing with very angry brides!!! Plus it works out a lot more expensive for them too to be flying in out of season flowers etc.
    As for the succulents, I don’t know how expensive they are, but they are so easy to grow! We have so many in our garden at home (we rent) and we are not really into gardening but they seem to just thrive no matter how I treat them. I actually considered using them as favours because I can’t kill them haha

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