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    We are finally getting married in September and our 2 year old is going to be a flower girl. My gown is a colour called rose water, so a pale pink and my MOH is wearing silver/grey. There is enough fabric from my hem to make a dress for my daughter, my question is, should she wear the same colour as me or should it be white with a sash or ribbon the colour of mine? TIA


    Hi Emma, I think either way will look cute, but I would think the same coloured dress would be adorable! of course, you have the right to be selfish and say you don’t wany her wearing the same colour as you, and I completely understand. I’m having my son match my fiance so I’m the only one in white. I would say either go with the rose dress with either a white sash or white headband (or both), or the white dress with the rose sash and rose headband (do you have enough material to make a matching headband?). You could even use some of the material on the sides of the flower basket, if she’s carrying one.



    Hi Emma, 
    In my photographers studio he has a photo of a bride with her little girl wearing a matching dress. It is adorable! 


    i see lots of brides with flower girl,and the color should match your wedding dress color,do not u think it will be more harmony and happy?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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