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    I can’t decide whether I should go for comfort in flats or style with heels, help! We’re having a cocktail reception so I can’t help but think flats are the way to go. My dress will reach the floor so I doubt anyone will notice my shoes. On the other hand I’m only 5’3 and my FH is 6’2 so I’ll look like a midget. What shoes did you wear? Feel free to post photos of your shoes too and any brides who were significantly shorter than their husbands on the day! Thanks!



    Hi Jayo,
    Personally I am planning on wearing flats, mainly because in heels I am probably only 1cm shorter than my partner. There are so many gorgeous flats around that even if they did poke out from under the dress they won’t look any less stylish!
    I think if you did decide to wear flats, speak to your photographer, explain that you don’t want to look tiny and I’m sure they can keep that in mind when they are taking your photos



    Hi Jayo
    I am also 5’3 and my FH is a fair few inches taller. I wear heels every day all the time anyway, so for me it is a natural choice. I have bright red heels for the ceremony and photos, then a shorter pair that are more supportive, a bit shorter and gold and sparkly for dancing in XD


    Hi Jayo, have you considered wedge heels? I don’t normally wear heels and am so clumsy in them, but I always find that wedges are so comfortable and easy to wear for long periods on time.
    I, personally, am only a couple centimetres shorter than my boyfriend when in flats, so I definitely won’t be wearing heels down the aisle. Of course, I absolutely love heels for a special occassion so I’m thinking of taking a nice set of heels for some photos, then wearing the flats for the actual wedding. Would you consider that as well? Take two sets of shoes…



    Thanks for your help ladies! jsbride I know I could get stylish flats but my dress is full lace so I’m trying to keep my shoes fairly plain so it’s not too much. I would dearly love to wear flats but I just don’t know! I really do look so short next to my FH. EmeraldBride I think I might do that too and start out wearing heels but have some flats on hand for the reception. I’ve still got over a year until the big day so I might buy the heels asap and wear them in around the house, not to mention train myself to get used to being in heels for prolonged periods! 



    I agree with EmeraldBride. Wedge shoes would be a great alternative to wear during the wedding. Your shoes will not seen during the walk unless your wedding dress is not a ball gown type.



    Hi Jayo, the only problem I wonder about with having two pairs of shoes, heels for ceremony and flats for the reception, is that everywhere I read you should take your wedding shoes with you when getting your dress altered/ hemmed so the hem might look too long then when you change into flats? I was also thinking wedges might be the way to go



    Hi Jayo!
    I am having both heels and flats.  I got heels for the ceremony, and flats for the reception.  I am short standing next to my FH. I only come up to his shoulder and even in heels it doesn’t make that much difference… I can’t wear super high heels anyway. 
    I got my heels form lightinthebox.com and then added stick on bling and new chiffon ribbons to them to make them prettier.  The flats I got at Pulp. They are just beige ballet flats with sparkles all over them.  Both pairs only cost me $100 including postage and the extra bits I added.  I too work on the theory that no-one will see my shoes under my dress.  The link is for the flats I bought…. 
    These are the heels I’ve got…sorry, couldn’t work out how to put a link. The heel is about 5cm tall.



    They’re gorgeous min!
    Mine are like… not sure how high, but def higher than 5cm! Most of my shoes are about 11-15cm. I think my wedding ones are about 10am. 
    These babies are my ceremony shoes (red) http://www.stylediscovery.com.au/2010/01/betts-tie-me-up-satin-heels/
    And these are my dancing shoes (gold) http://www.betts.com.au/for-her/tia-1.html 
    I love shoes so much… I have converted my linen cupboard to be a shoe cupboard



    Ooh love those shoes ladies, your red ceremony heels are stunning Dankistar, and love the blinged up flats Min13! I think I will end up with heels for the ceremony and flats for the reception. I’ll have the dress measured to my heels (which I will also wear for the first dance) and as the night progresses and my feet get sore I’ll slip into my flats and dance the night away. By that stage my dress will have been dragged through the vineyard for photos and I don’t think I’ll be too fussed if it’s a little too long, I’d rather enjoy the evening. Thanks for your concern though Stephaniek! I think my mind is at ease with wearing heels now (knowing I can always put flats on), going shopping with my MOH today so hopefully I find my shoes!

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