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    Hello Fellow Knotties!
    I thought I should start a topic for all of us to share our best tips and the things you found that really helped you get to your goals and stayed motivated.
    My top tips are:
    THE Best tips?
    No amount of exercise or dieting will change your shape or give you “magic happiness”
    If you are naturally an hourglass figure you will always have shoulders equal to your hips, curvy thighs and a tiny waist. So trying to whittle your thighs away and shrink just your hips is doomed to failure and unhappiness.
    Likewise if you think “If I weigh x kgs then my life will be perfect.”
    Accept your shape and self and aim to be the healthiest version of it.
    Be realistic
    Your’e a year out from your wedding and planning on exercising like a maniac and eating nothing but celery, vitamins and water for the last month to squeeze into a size 8 dress – and you are currently a size 16. You can’t maintain that or get the results you want. A slower approach with long term healthy choices is best.

    Pace yourself
    Go too hard too soon and you’ll pay the price, especially if you go on a crash diet and then exercise 5 times a week after not doing any in ages. Slow and steady is easier to start and easier to keep up in the long term. Increasing is easier too.
    Food Tips:
    * First thing first, swap unhealthy choices for healthier ones.
    I.E Chips to Oven baked vegies or a salad.  
    Soft drink to Water
    White Bread and Rice to Brown
    * Treat yourself a little bit every so often.
    An occasional nice dinner or a chocolate biscuit isn’t going to do much harm if you are consistantly eating well.
    Eating out every day and eating the whole packet of biscuits however…….
    * Increase your water intake.
    It makes you feel better, gives you clearer skin and flushes toxins out of your body. Also have a glass when you are feeling hungry. Sometimes you are actually thirsty but you read it as hungry. If you are still hungry after 10 minutes, then go eat something healthy.
    * Know exactly what it would take to burn off that naughty food.
    If you’ve been good and treated yourself but are still craving an unhealthy food, know exactly how much hard work it will take to burn off that food. (i.e Running for an hour to burn off a chocolate bar). Often that is enough to stop the vicious “eaten whole pack of naughty food when I meant to have a small treat” cycle for me. 
    * Understand why you want to eat.
    I have found that it is psychological triggers and habbits that prompt me to eat more than hunger. (I.e just came home, eat a biscuit. want to watch a movie – must have popcorn)
    Once you can spot these triggers it becomes much easier to avoid emotional/boredom/habbit eating instead of hunger eating.
    Exercise Tips:
    * Find out what sort of activities you enjoy and have time for.
    Try out a variety of activities and see what feels good for you and what works with your life. No good signing up to a class when it finishes 10 minutes before you need to leave for work and it will take you 15 minutes to get out of the gym. 
    * Get up a little early and do some exercise.
    It is better to exercise early instead of at the end of your day when you are probably tired and want to relax. Also it takes about 2 minutes to do 10 pushups, 10 situps and 10 squats – maybe even less.
    * Strength and Cardio
    Contrary to popular belief using the occasional weights will not bulk you up to look like a man/Madonna. Only doing cardio is only half exercising.  You need to work your muscles to tone up and muscles burn fat – look thinner AND burn more fat?  WIN!!
    * Small goals and the big picture.
    I found it was easier for me to have the big picture in mind (lose the 10 extra kilos I’m carrying and get my black belt) and focus the small steps I needed to take to get there.
    Focus too much on the big picture and it looks impossible so why bother?
    Focus too much on the small steps and it can be easy to forget why you are doing what you are doing and go off the path.
    * Set your phone screen to your goal
    It could a pic of you at your goal weight, a pic of your dress/a swimsuit you want to look fab in or for me a note shot that says “Before you eat that stop and think: Is that good for me? and Do I REALLY want it?
    The important part is you will always be seeing it and keeping it in your mind
    What are your tips for food, exercise, motivation?


    Thank You!!
    These are points that I guess most of us are already aware of, but with everything going on with planning and families (especially with Christmas just around the corner) it’s easy to ‘forget’ or the fall back into unhealthy choices. 
    As I have arthritic knees, my exercise choices are limited, though I’m glad I get out of squats & lunges!! I have been in the habit of doing between 1/2 hour to 45 minutes of a mixture of cardio and muscle strengthening over the past year….a habit I’m thrilled to be able to maintain and has certainly improved my stress/anxiety levels, as well as the personal satisfication of having my personal ‘Rocky’ moments daily.
    Currently, as of today, I am 7 kilos off my preferred weight…more for health reasons than vanity…vanity is just a positive fringe benefit!! We’ve decided to do a gluten free Christmas lunch/dinner, and there’s a photo on the fridge, bathroom mirror and bedroom mirror of my fiance & I when I was closer to my goal weight…just to keep me on track. I’m certainly going to follow your advice though with adding your quote to my phone’s screensaver!! 
    Here’s to us, fit, healthy and happy B2B’s!!


    I have 6 months before the wedding and want to at least lose a dress size, which I believe equates to 6 kgs… I would prefer to lose 10, but with my track record of eating junk food and avoiding exercise, I’m not so sure I can do it anymoe. I’m trying to do as KittiKats says, swap for healthier options, find an exercise that I enjoy (I signed up for a Dance membership) and slow and steady wins the race, rather than crashing and burning from going too hard. I find that the screensaver photo doesn’t work for me because I always ignore it, so my fiance told me to put the pic on the back of my bedroom door so I see it when I wake up in the morning. Also, cooking in bulk on my days off, like today I made a massive batch of chicken and vegg soup for dinners, and I always have healthy snacks on me to stop me from munching on junk when I get those snack cravings…


    I agreed what is said above!!!
    Cardio exercises good one in this regard. Just like swimming. Especially, we jump rope two times a week, on days when we do not perform a weight workout.


    Thanks for posting this Kittikats! I drink plenty of water too and I love walking in the morning. A thirty minute walk a day is a must for me. It keeps my muscle tone and my heart rate up. I also treat myself with an organic chocolate at least once a month.


    thanks kitti to this post

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