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    Hi all,
    im currently thinking of Fiji for our wedding next year and am trying to gather info on different places now.  I’ve seen a few threads about different peoples fiji plans but none of them are to recent.  Wondering if anyone has been married there recently, planning one now or have any suggestions for places.  We are trying to keep the costs down, one of the reasons we are thinking fiji to begin with, so any places with good packages would be great.


    Hi Amanda. i am planning a Fiji wedding next year :) I have also just come back from a short visit to fiji to check out possoible venues. i looked at the shangri la, outrigger, sheraton and the intercontinental. My personal choice was the intercon – it ws breathtaking (although the most expensive of the 4) They were all really nice hotels and have great wedding packages – the package at the outrigger is probably the best value. If you are on facebook I recommend joining the group “i was married in fiji” – its been really helpful as it has lots of brides in planning mode and past brides to help wth any questions you may have about different hotels, hair/make up, photogrpahy etc.
    Good luck with your planning :)



    Hi Amanda. We are in the final stages of planning our Fiji wedding at the moment. Our wedding is on 15th June on Mana Island, and so far the planning has been quite easy. The staff have been very helpful and patient with my millions of questions and emails. My only gripe would have to be everyone seems to be on ‘fiji time’ so it can take a week sometimes to get a reply. My advice would be to start planning early so you arent crunched for time.
    We have also hired a company from the mainland to decorate our reception, as the options offered by the island were quite simply. The company is called Grace Creations and they have been wonderful to deal with. Gorgeous decorations and quite inexpensive as well.
    The biggest thing for us was to be confortable with the people we were dealing with, as a lot of trust is placed in them to get it right for you. Going to one of the smaller islands can be a bit more expensive than using a hotel on Nadi, however we feel we have had a more personal experience so far and that was a big thing for us.
    Good luck!


    Have a look on facebook page “I was married in Fiji”
    Bula Bride is a great website for ideas also. 


    Have a look on facebook page “I was married in Fiji”
    Bula Bride is a great website for ideas also. 


    Hi ladies,

    I am having a fiji wedding in June 2016. I have booked the dream wedding package with the outrigger, now the planning begins and I already hate it too. Thanks for the tips with the facebook site. I am now wanting to send out an instruction card with all information on it with the save the dates but its harder than i though with not being able to book anything until 10months out.


    Hi girls, I was thinking to hold wedding ceremony on Fiji, but it was booked. :( Perhaps we will leave it for anniversary. Any impressions?

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