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    FI and I have been engaged since December 31st of 2011 and our wedding is in six weeks (November 9th) and we just found out that FIs best mate isn’t coming to our wedding!! Why? Because instead he is going to my FIs ex girlfriends.
    Bit more info: FI was best man for this frind ten months ago for their wedding and we helped them out a buttload!!! FI and friend have been mates for about 11years and I got him a job where I work when he dropped out of uni and couldn’t find work. Friends wife has become friends with FI’s ex girlfriend about 2 years ago when they started doing the same course at uni (they didn’t know each other when FI was with her)
    The only reason we aren’t having him as a groomsman is because we are having a small wedding (30 people) and think it would be silly to have a large bridal party, so we are only having one on each side (his brother my sister) this was told to him and we asked that he be one of our witnesses and sign the certificate as we want him be part of our day.
    Fis exgirlfriend got engaged October last year (ten months after us) and we had our date picked out well before, which Fis friend knew – I don’t really think she did it inspite of us as Ive barely met her, it just hurts more to know that he knew our wedding date for min 10 months before she was even engaged but is going to her wedding.
    I know 99.9% that this is all because his wife wants to go to her friends wedding (which I understand) we suggested that if he could come to ours and wife to hers but the response was that they wont separate.
    Gah its just a vent really L



    I know it’s tough, but maybe it is a sign that he isn’t the best friend and you’re better off without him, he should have put the wedding with the most notice first and that is yours. I do think he should compromise and split the attendance with his SO, but if he won’t budge there’s not much you can do apart from focus on your special day with your special someone.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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