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    Hi girls, 
    tonight I’m having a slight panick attack, I discovered my dimond (1 cart solitaire cut) is moving slightly in the 4 prongs :-( I’m really worried and will take it to my jewlers first tomorrow morning as it is under warranty as I only revieved my ring in December. Have any of you out there experienced this? Is it normal?? I did drop my ring on a hard surface a couple of months ago but after inspection(by myself) it seemed on, I had my ring cleaned at the jewlers last week do you think these could have contributed to the movement? I’m really scared and don’t want to go without my ring. Any advice would be helpful!! 
    Thanks so much! 


    Sorry typos** typed to fast I meant carat** and seemed ok** not on. 



    i had my ring cleaned a while ago and about a week or so after i dropped it and a diamond popped out (a smaller one that shoulders the big one), i took it back to the same shop who cleaned it and explained that they had only just cleaned it and perhaps the cleaning may have loosened it, i had to go without my ring for the last 4 months while my fiances father took it back to the middle east to get a matching wedding band made to match, i wore a cheap thin band just so i had the feeling of a ring on that finger, take it back to the shop that cleaned it and let them know you have noticed the stone becoming loosened and just see what they say, they may want to send it away for inspection :)


    Hi Missy88,
    only just saw your reply. Happy I’m not alone, I did take my ring to the jewlers and they have sent it away to have the prongs tightened and re plated so it will come back as brand new. 
    Thanks again!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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