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    Nina Hames

    I recently got engaged and I got my ring sized at the jeweller as an O. I thought it felt firm, but the lady assured my i didn’t want it too loose.
    Now that I’ve got it home and been wearing it for only a day, the ring was uncomfortably tight leaving red marks on my finger and I have developed a lump underneath the skin. So i’m thinking i’ll take it back to get resized. 
    The only thing that’s stopping me is that it fits on my right ring finger perfectly. I’ve swapped the ring over to that finger and have had no problems. Why would my fingers be different sizes? Is my left ring finger temporarily swollen for some reason and if I get it resized it will be too big?



    A ring should sit a little loose to allow for swelling and movement; if you’re hot, flustered, pregnant, exercising, have your period or retaining fluid, your fingers will be more likely swell. They will also change in size throughout the day and depending on the season, especially in the warmer months.
    If you’re going to find your size it is best to go when your hands are a little larger and avoid cold weather as a small ring is less comfortable and harder to resize than a large ring. I ordered a ring size chart online and sized my finger at different points in the day and over a few days and figured out an average, then confirmed it with a jeweller.
    The ring may have just fit snugly, but it sounds like you may have been between sizes or a size bigger and the jeweller didn’t account for your hand swelling. Don’t keep wearing the ring, it will swell and become more irritated making it harder to remove, and you may have to go to hospital and have it cut off (destroying any chance of exchanging it).
    Our bodies are not symmetrical, and one hand will be bigger than the other, and your dominant hand will impact that. It is perfectly normal (just like breasts can be different sizes on each side) and it is nothing to worry about. But if your hand is red and irritated it will probably be a little swollen, so wait for it to settle, apply ice to reduce swelling and ask your doctor about anti-inflammatories if it is very severe. Make sure it is back to normal before getting re-fitted.



    I have the opposite problem! My ring is slightly lose on my left hand and fits perfectly on my right! You will need it resized, Keep in mind your cycle and avoid going during it but wait a few days after so your not retaining water. It’s a bit like booking a dress fitting a month before the wedding to take into account our body changes!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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