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    Hi Knotties!
    So my fiance and I have bought a bridal set which I absolutely adore and the problem is, since we bought it together, in store, the ring was a size O (oscar) and I am a size I (for Ivan). On the day we returned it (26th of January), we were told that it will be sent off to a LOCAL jeweller to get resized. I was hoping that it won’t take that long since its going to be done locally and I have rung up this arvo to ask. Its a 1 carat TW bridal set, double halos and with diamonds halfway on both bands. How long do you think it will take before I can get my ring back? Our wedding is in a fortnight and I am freaking out!



    If you told the jeweller when you need it by, it will be done.
    We had our wedding rings designed and made by our jeweller less than two weeks out. Took my engagement ring in on the Monday, he said they’d be ready by the day before the wedding (11 days later)- they were done a week early (that first Friday). They were sent off to set the stones or something and were still back early. As long as they know when you need it by, you should be fine!
    Best wishes and have a great wedding day!



    You generally need to allow for two weeks for rings to be resized (regardless of what there like). Keep in mind that the 26 & 27th were public holidays so chances are the rings weren’t even sent to the jeweller until the 28th. You could ask if there’s an extra charge you can pay to have them done sooner if there’s a problem with them being done in time.



    If you get the ring back from getting resized within a fortnight it will be an absolute miracle!
    Often a ring will come back after re-sizing and may still not be an exact fit, some may need to go back 2-3 times just in case. The fact that your ring has stones oon the band will add to the complexity and make it harder to re-size.
    I really hope that you get it back, but this is something you should have done a few months in advance. I would organise a cheap ‘back up’ ring to wear on the day just in case.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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