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    So my partner has asked me about style of engagement I would like!
    I’m a little overwhelmed with all the different styles. I’m a nurse and like the outdoors (camping, horse riding etc). All I know is I want white gold or platinum for the setting. Im not a huge jewellry person. I have a dainty three stone ring that my man got me for our first anniversary that I wear on a daily basis. But I don’t think I’ll wear it as often when I’m engaged. I LOVE it tho, love that style. I always wanted a three stone engagement ring but felt like I couldn’t get one because I already have one as a right hand ring. Is this silly?? Would it be weird to get one anyway and have 2??
    advice would be greatly appreciated :)



    My fiance surprised me with my engagement ring :-) I love that he chose it but he knew exactly what I wanted too (without me saying). All I would recommend is that you give him some details like you said above and he takes that info to talk to the jeweller and they surprise you, or you go with him and choose. I would prob go with a 1/4 size stone as they don’t get in the way if you’re really hands on… Maybe go for a gold that’s really sturdy and won’t damage easily. 
    And if you like the three stone ring then go for it! Mine is three stone and it means yesterday, today and tomorrow and its beautiful. If any body asks why it’s the same, who cares, if that’s the style you like just go for it!! You’re the one who has to wear it not them! You might even find that you end up wearing only your wedding band after the wedding anyhow if youre a hands on person? 
    I stopped wearing other rings when I got engaged too :p I wanted to flash that baby round!! 



    If you love 3 stone rings, go for it! Perhaps you can get tiny diamonds in the band to accentuate it :)


    sure go for the 3 stones! i am the same i wear a dainty 3 stone ring on my right hand, and my engagement ring that my fiance and i went together and talked to the jewler about making specifically for us. my engagement ring also has 3 stones, a (very) large central emerald flanked by 10point diamonds on either side. i am also a very outdoorsy person and am heavily involved with horses, i asked the jewler to make me a ring that is low set so it doesnt catch on anything and it is perfect. so if you love the 3 stones go for it.. it worked for me! and i still wear both my 3 stone rings at the same time!



    I had no idea what I wanted when it was time to look so I went to heaps of stores and tried as many different styles on as I could, as my ring came from Qatar in the middle east I just had to take pics of the ones I liked and send them to my partners father so he could find one that was close and then send me a pic and me say yes or no to ones he sent me, you can have whatever style you like as an engagement ring :)


    Hi Karikat, I was inn sort of the same place. My man proposed a month ago with a temporary ring because I had no idea what I wanted. I already have an anniversary ring that I wear on my right hand too, and I absolutely fell in love with it in the store and had to have it. I didn’t want a typical engagement ring, and for a while I only liked styles that were similar to my anniversary ring. I’m not focussing on the design, I’m looking for that first love feeling again. I also wanted something a little different, so I’ve poured through hundreds of photos looking for my ring. I think I’ve finally found something that I love. It has a trillion cut ring in the centre, which is uncommon. My point is go with that love feeling, have whatever ring you’re in love with and will love for the rest of your life.

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