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    Hi Fellow Brides, 
    I’m currently planning my Engagement Party, and I’m a little stuck on whether or not is is bad to not have any platters. We are on a tight budget in order to save for our dream wedding. I’m trying to steer clear of tradition so I’m after a cocktail theme party, few speeches and of course cake. I’m happy to even order off a menu for a few nibbles. Food is definitely the most expensive part! 



    I really think that most people go to these sorts of events thinking that their will be food of some kind for them to nibble at. I remember being really frustrated at my 21st because my parents forked out all this money and my friends ate hardly any food (only the older guests and the kids did) then going to my future SIL’s engagement party the year after and being astounded at how the platters were demolished. I think cocktail is the way to go – just make sure that there are some platters for people to pick at.
    If you are looking for a way to save money, have you ever considered hosting the party at home or holding it at one of your parent’s houses? We’re hoping to have ours at my dad and step mother’s, as they have a really nice outdoor entertaining area that they complain they never get to use.



    I catered my own engagement (cooking for 50 people, I was exhausted and super stressed!) and although it saved money, it certainly didn’t save my sanity. My FW and I are considering a do-over where we will choose a venue and have it catered. It will be more expensive, however it will give us an opportunity to celebrate our relationship being legally recognised in a positive fashion. We made the mistake of doing it at her father’s house (which was in an awkward location and difficult to access) and our invites didn’t arrive in the mail until months after the actual party (which the company didn’t even tell us until 48hrs before the event, and we’d ordered months in advance) so we were forced to invite people by phone and Facbook. So learn from my mistakes and go the easy option.
    There is nothing wrong with a cocktail party! In fact a lot of people go down that route as it is easier, more casual, and less expensive. I would suggest stating that it is a coktail  party/nibbles only on the invite though, as some people will come expecting a big feed and will be dissapointed; but you could provide some larger items for those people (fit the options to reflect what you love, so if you’re big pizza fans you could do gourmet or home-made pizzas).



    Yes, food is!
    I’m confused by what you mean by “I’m happy to even order off a menu for a few nibbles.”
    Does this mean everyone has to order an appitiser and there is no main? Or are you ordering a few appitisers to share with the whole room?
    I know when FH and I go to a restaurant we normally order a few appitisers to share and we always have more than enough food and it works out cheaper too.
    You could order a few platters by try and order extra of the food you know will be popular (like say if you decide on a seafood platter get extra prawns) or avoid ordering something expensive that you know will be gone in a flash (afformentioned seafood platter). 
    But not having any food whatsoever? Noot good.
    Having people order appetisers but no sit down food? Confusing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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