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    Hi Ladies,


    I just got engaged last week and we are stuck on ideas of where we can have our engagement party.

    We are in Sydney and want something fairly casual and relaxed a backyard bbq is what we would love. The problem is we don’t have a backyard and both parents houses are not big enough.

    We are going to have at least 10 kids and probably over 50 adults there so we need somewhere fairly roomy and being winter we want somehwere we could put heaters or have some indoor area.

    We aren’t really into function rooms we think they are a little generic.

    ANY suggestions would be much appreciated!





    What about a local bowls club or footy/cricket club?

    Are there any community halls that have outdoor areas? try local councils.


    When I was looking for venues for our engagement party, we felt like  we wanted a BBQ but had the space and winter dilemma!

    We ended up organizing ours at FH’s parents place this weekend, we have hired heaters so we can utilize the inside and outside space.


    What I did found when we were looking might suit you guys, a lot of bowls clubs have packages with barefoot bowls with a BBQ lunch? 

    Also if you want BBQ food and end up with some kind of hall, we are using barbehire, they do catered bbqs, spit roast and DYI options!

    Best of luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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