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    I recently got engaged and I’m starting to plan my engagement party.
    I am thinking of having a combined house warming and engagement party.
    My question is if it is a combined party can I invite people to the party that will not be coming to the wedding?
    i don’t want to offend anyone.
    Our wedding will probably not be til next year so do you think it is ok??
    Advice please….



    Hi Belle,
    Congratulations on your engagement. I recently had my engagement party, and there were a few people on the list who will not be invited to the wedding.
    I think it comes down to personal choice, plus the type of wedding you have – e.g. our engagement party venue could have fitted twice the amount of people we invited, however our reception venue is a max 100 guests, so if we did have 120-130 people at the engagement party, it just wouldn’t be possible to have them all at the wedding.
    I have gone to engagement parties previously and then not been invited to the wedding. I wasn’t that close to the couple, more like friend’s of friend’s, and I was never told I was invited to the wedding so I wasn’t set up for disappointment. I think that is an important consideration. If people get the idea that they are invited they will be hurt if they aren’t.
    Good luck!


    Hey Belle,
    I have been invited to an engagement party before and then not invited to the wedding and I was really upset. usually the impression is those who are invited to the engagement party will then be invited to the wedding. The couple however couldn’t afford to have everyone at the wedding, which I didn’t object to, but they hadn’t told us this so when everyone was getting wedding invitations we were still waiting for ours…
    Therefore I would make it extremely clear that you’re limited with numbers and that all those invited won’t be invited to the wedding. I had a friend tell me only two days ago that he can’t wait to dance with me at my wedding, but we’re not inviting him. talk about awkward. Mainly, don’t let people assume, make it quite clear what to expect therefore they won’t get upset.
    Have fun! We’re trying to organise what we’re doing as well…. JS, you should join our facebook group…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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