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    I’ve recently become engaged to a very wonderful man but my issue is that i have been previously engaged to my ex. I won’t go into to to much detail but it ended badly and i had to leave fast, this meant that i didnt get a chance to return our engagement presents (as etiquitte says) i also couldnt remember who they came from (no one at the party registered who gave what) im encountering some hard feelings from some family members who i think feel i got engaged again too soon and are expecting the same thing to happen. Its stressing me out because i want to celebrate the happiness i have found but i feel an engagement party or dinner would sour feelings further. (please note i would request no gifts if i had a party/dinner and its would be held to introduce FH to close extended family he hasnt met) advice would be appreciated



    I would make it really low key, maybe a backyard bbq or a simple dinner out. Just word of mouth invites. Say no presents if people ask, and really mean it. 
    How soon is soon? Cos if its been awhile, they could be overreacting and need to get over it!


    Soon would be i left my ex in november of 2011. FH and i have been dating since march 2012 and a couple since november 2012. Its just a bit of a hard pill to swallow, my friends are unconditionally happy for me and so is my sister. My parents and an aunt and uncle have issues though. My parents like FH but as for us being engaged they seem indifferent which upsets me slightly since they knew what i went through with my ex and they gave FH their blessing when he asked them. 



    That’s nearly two years, I think they need to move on. I wonder if your parents are worried you will be hurt again, and maybe they are not sure you will go through with the wedding? See how they go when you start planning. Good luck!


    Thanks bec2013,
    I think its possible they may think the same thing will happen again. They liked my ex alot and i think alot of my family wished what happened hadn’t. Ill never regret leaving him cause i would never have gotten to where i am now. :) i think i moved on and they havent. 
    Thanks for easing my worries i feel more confident about it all. Ive spoken to one of my aunts as well  and she agrees with you so ive decided to have a dinner to let FH meet family. Like you say word of mouth invites and ill make sure theres no preasents. My friends and sister are supportive so ill have a seperate affair with my friends which will be no presents and more party vibe. And if my family want to be worried about the past they can be but i think ill tell them to do it privately if they wish to make a deal about it because in the end im happy, hes happy and thats what counts to me. :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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