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    Hi knotties,
    My partner’s family are in the UK and say it will be ‘impossible’ to get time off any time other than Easter and Christmas (and only a couple of weeks at a time). I’d much prefer Easter as the weather will be much nicer in Perth. Any experience with Easter weddings? Particularly how did they go with planning (too busy a time of year!?).
    All responses appreciated!



    I think the biggest issue may be for friends and families wih religious commitments (such as Easter Mass) and for the various businesses and service providers/vendors for your wedding not being available for that time due to holidays etc.
    In general I think it is best to avoid major holidays for the sake of your guests’ other commitments, if Easter is something that brings together their family or has significance to them, it isn’t really fair to have a wedding at that time.
    It also seems strange that your family will only travel at those times (especially as it will be far more costly), do you know if they have any other motivations such as seeing other family members? If so, perhaps you could consider covering some of their costs such as providing accomodation (whether at your own home, a relative’s or a hotel).


    I had a spring wedding that was close to a public holiday. Everyone said it was a busy time of year but I did all my planning at the very beginning so when it drew close to the actual month, I was ver relaxed and calm. I think for weddings that are at a peak season it is paramount to plan as early as you can to avoid all the hustle and bustle of the rush of the season as everyone is also preparing for Easter. When it comes to venues especially, book as early as you can! Hope that helps :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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