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    I haven’t yet started looking in shops but from what I have seen online looks like it is near impossible to get a dress with sleeves. I am plus sized, hoping to lose some weight before dress shopping, but will always be bigish. I hate my arms not just becuase of my weight but have slight scaring for a skin condition. I guess I could get a shrug to wear but I’d rather a dress with sleeves either full length or just to my elbow. Any advice on where to look. I am in Hobart but am thinking of looking in Melbourne as well, or online. If anyone has any pictures of nice dresses with sleeves feel free to post them so I can get an idea.



    Hi Autumn Snow, a lot of shops will alter the dress and add sleeves. You can also buy little shrug type things in bridal shops that I think attach to the dress. I went to Island Brides in Hobart and they had a pretty big range, so you could start there :)


    Thanks Bec, that’s a big help!



    Hi Autumn Snow,
    I too am a bigger girl (size 18) who wanted a dress with sleeves. I too hate my upper arms. After hours of looking online I found an Allure dress with beaded cap sleeves from http://www.plussizebridal.com. Awesome range of bigger styles. Best part is they post them to you from the U.S. and if it doesn’t fit you just post it back for a refund. They sell real dresses, not copies.
    This was my dress:
    Hope that helps….


    Alma Green

    I got married sevral days ago!the same problem upset me,too.what is different with you is that I was not only hate arm but also hate my waist just beacause of my weight. I was very depressed, and even felt like that I was the fattest bride.I look for dress suit me crazily through the Internet, Fortunately´╝îI find my wedding dress in the website http://www.sammydress.com/Wholesale-Wedding-Dresses-c-216-page-2.html God knows, how lucky I feel.


    I think shop online is good for a bride to be,you can search lots of you wanted to have,but the key is to adjust its quality.not only the pictures but the reviews form customers.my sister get her dress at dressilyme.the price and quality are both great.
    and i find the dresses with sleeves from it too,just as a reference,just have a look at and hope you can get your best one.


    ife elesh

    Dear Autumn, I know getting a wedding gown of your desired style can be very daunting. However, I can suggest you look at getting gowns from sites that can customize your gown for you. An example is http://www.hadassahbridals.com.ng. Sure they can be of immense help to you. Wish you the best with your search.


    I also want to wear dresses with sleeves and as much as possible I do not wear sleeveless dresses too.  But if I cannot find a dress with sleeves I found remedy on my problem, I wear shawl and scarp to cover even half of my upper arms and I found it great.


    Dresses with sleeves is the best choice for the fall and winner. It is not only can keep warm, but also can cover the arm, let the arms seem to be very slender. If you want to find more wedding dress with sleeves on the online shop, i can suggest the online shop for you, i have brought one wedding dress on this shop, it is very good. You can visits http://www.dressesmallau.com/wedding-dresses-with-sleeves-c156/


    <p>Hi Autumn,</p>
    <p>At Moira Hughes Couture we create each gown individually so can add sleeves to any gown. We have some samples in our boutique (Paddington, Sydney) with sleeves that can also be removed if you would like. We would love to see you in our boutique and guide you through your different options, All the best! Sarah</p>

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