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    Liz South

    Hey ladies,
    I’ve just started looking for my dress for our wedding in November and have visited a few stores and tried on some lovely things.
    My problem is my mother lives in QLD, the groom’s mother is in London, my maid of honour lives in Canberra for university and my sister is on the NSW Central Coast. I desperately need a photo of me in a white dress and I’ve asked consultants at 4 stores all of which have looked scandalised that I even asked.
    I understand the designer copyright thing but “unflattering lighting may give brides the wrong idea”? I found close to the perfect dress in a Sydney showroom just a week ago, today I can barely remember why I liked it so much. Does anyone know any showroom or boutique that will let me take some private photos to help me decide? North, south, east or western Sydney, I’m willing to travel around.
    Thanks for any suggestions



    Well, the shop we went to was fine with it. Always enquire when you book for a fitting, just explain the situation and ask, they’ll usually have no issue.Another tip is to look for places that aren’t so snooty or “up themselves” like exclusive designers or boutiques.
    Most bridal stores are welcoming, but there are some who are stuck in the “old ways” (some will even restrict access to brides they don’t think are worthy of wearing their dresses, but in my opinion you’re the one paying so put your money with better businesses anyway!)



    I went to many in the CBD and the only one allowing photos was on Clarence st – I think it was Brides of Sydney. The sales assistant let my mum take as many photos as she wanted and even put a veil on and arranged the train for us out in the showroom under the good lights for the best photos! 
    Hope you have an equally wonderful experience with them if you go as it was great to be able to show family even though I didn’t end up buying from there after all although there were many options there. They let us roam the racks ourselves and came back when I was ready to try on.
    After I bought my dress elsewhere it was really really hard not having a photo as the one on the website looks so different on me! If you can get one from somewhere allowing you a photo or two, I would highly recommend it!


    Liz South

    Really? I didn’t want to name names but Brides of Sydney were the ones who gave me the “bad lghting gives us a bad reputation… desginer’s copyright …dress always looks different” speech. Do you remember who your consultant was? I might book a second viewing with them if they’ll be understanding.
    I got a lead on a showroom in Parramatta when I explained my situation to the store director who’s the son of the people who started the business 20 years ago. Thank you for the feedback.



    No sorry, I don’t recall her name as it was almost a year ago now. I went on a Monday morning, not sure if that made a difference as we were the only ones in the store.
    So sorry you didn’t find them as helpful when you went! I wouldn’t go to another appointment there if I were you as the rules/management may have changed which might explain the difference in our experiences.
    Best of luck in your search, I hope you have better experiences from now on :)



    My dress shop only let us take photos when I had chosen my dress. I had a similar situation with my mum living in QLD. However, I think now that if I had explained it to them they might have let me – my mum came down for a holiday later on and I asked the shop if I could bring her in to show her the sample dress I’d chosen (mine hadn’t arrived yet), and they were more than accommodating, squeezing me in when they were fully booked, spending a full half hour with us, showing my mum how it would be altered to fit me etc. Really lovely people. So I think they might have let us take photos if I’d explained that my mum lived far away in the beginning!
    Try pulling the sad ‘my mum can’t dress shop with me’ line and see what some shops say :)

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