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    Hi Everyone! 
    I am still a little way off from my wedding (if 7 weeks can be called a little way off) and was intending to do the whole ‘flower market the day before’ thing for my bouquets. 
    However I saw a link to DIY crepe paper flowers online and thought they were really pretty. http://greenweddingshoes.com/diy-giant-paper-rose-flower/
    The instructions themselves are easy enough to follow but I wasn’t able to find ‘doublette crepe paper’ anywhere local. I have searched online and cant seem to find it in Australia either. I tried them out using normal crepe but it was too flimsy :(
    Does anyone know where I could find it?? Or possibly a substitute??? 
    If I can’t find it I will be happy enough to go back to the market flowers idea but these paper roses are so pretty I thought it was worth a shot! 

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