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    Sonya King

    My fiancee and I have decided to go with an ipod instead of a DJ (a band is completely out of the question as my other half plays the drums and it would have to be a pretty awesome band for him to be happy ha-ha).  Has anyone done this before?  I am thinking of compiling a list of songs on my ipod but then I was searching on iTunes and there are a few apps for this type of thing.  Any ideas or suggestions?


    Hi Sonya K, I’ll be doing something similar. After a lot of fussing and fighting (with my mom) and tears and stress, my fiance and I have decided to cut the reception altogether! Long story short, we wanted a 20 person wedding, my mother wanted us to have 80-100 people, so we’ve compromised on having everyone at the ceremony, no reception, and just immediate family out to dinner. But, to also make my mother happy and so the guests aren’t booted out right after the ceremony and also so we get to say hi, we’re arranging with the venue to open the bar and serve some nibbles for an hour or so after the ceremony. So while we’re off getting photos they can start on the booze and food, and I’ll probably have a couple candles around and maybe some flower arrangements. Anyway, while this is all going on I’m thinking of setting up an ipod deck somewhere in the corner. I’ll compile a folder on the ipod for the songs I want played, and that way we can also have the song we want going down the aisle and then have it start up after the big kiss. I’ve heard a suggestion of, when writing out the RSVP cards, put in a line for a requested song so you know what your guests want to hear. This will make choosing songs easier, they’ll be all happy when it comes on, and less stress on you. Obviously, though, if it’s some hideous song (like one my heavy metal cousin would choose) then don’t add it in.
    Hope that helps!
    Also, since you’re doing the big reception, I would even split the songs into ‘background songs’ and ‘dance songs’, so the background ones just play during the meals and whatever, then you can groove to the songs you really want!



    Hi Sonya,
    I am also doing this. We have a singer for the ceremony and for the first half of the reception – i.e. dinner music, first dance, cake cutting. Originally I wanted a friend to do it, but he didnt have the equipment. After looking into hiring equipment, getting quotes for DJ’s I decided I wasn’t going to spend $1000 for 2.5-3 hours of music, I have started to put together a playlist that will get my guests up and dancing! My family loves music and they love to dance.
    I got online and looked at CD’s like Floorfillers, So Fresh, 101 Hits, etc to find a good mix of music that will create an awesome atmosphere.
    I am interested about the apps though, when I started to look into it I read about ‘Wedding DJ’ or ‘My Wedding DJ’ (I can’t find this on iTunes) and how it was a great app for transitions etc. So I will be on the lookout for a good app too


    What a great idea! I’ve been trying to think of areas where I can cut costs and I never thought to ditch the DJ. My fiance and I have quite different tastes in music so at least with an iPod we can have a mixture that will keep us both happy!



    Hi ladies! We are getting married in Fiji next year and will be using an iPod too. It will cost less than $150 for the speakers at the venue and we can pick all our music. The package includes a Fijian choir so ceremony music is sorted, just going to request a couple of particular songs for walking down the aisle etc. 
    As for picking the actual music,we are taking a lot from what’s already on our iPhones, and just downloading a few more lovey dovey ones. We will have 3 playlists set up too. One for dancing, one for during meals, and one with the special songs like first dance and father/daughter dance etc. 
    Hope this helps. :-)

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