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    Hi all,
    I am currently starting to plan a destination wedding and I am so lost! I am tossing up between Thailand, Bali and Fiji, but leaning slightly towards Thailand having travelled there before.
    A few questions:
    1. Does anyone have any favourites/ suggestions of venues they have been to?
    2. What is the average spend on a destination wedding at one of these venues? I am not sure what a good budget starting point is?
    3. Any other tips that would be helpful ie. should I use a planner?
    Thank you all in advance so so much ! :)



    Hi, we are getting married on daydream island qld and have many people coming from England and from bundaberg/Brisbane! 
    I can’t help with the Bali/Thailand part but hopefully I can help with a little bit of the rest! We have gone through the daydream island resort and got a package deal with a co ordinator! I think a co ordinator is important if you are planning a wedding so far away! They can be your ‘middle man’ makes it easier to have someone on the ground over there! We got her within the price! 
    We were hoping for about $10,000 all up but with a few extras that we want we are looking more at $15,000 now! But that is amazing, to get married on a tropical island! Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time! We have 16months till ours! And we need it! We have bridesmaids and groomsmen in England and here in Australia! I think you need that extra time for a destination wedding … There is a lot more to think about! 
    Hope this helps! Happy planning :) 



    We are off to Fiji in less than 3 weeks for our wedding. We are going to the Outrigger on the Lagoon.  They have a wedding planner onsite, and we have organised the entire thing by e-mail. At first I was a bit worried, having never been to Fiji, but the woman I have been dealing with has been excellent. You just have to be a bit relaxed about it, and realise you can’t control everything….I did however ask a zillion questions and she answered every one, and sent me pictures of everything too….
    We have chosen the dream wedding package, and then added extras on top.  All up we have paid $9500.  This includes airfares for the 2 of us, 7 nights accomodation, the ceremony and reception venues, marriage licence, all the flowers (bouquet, buttonholes, flowers for my hair, table centrepieces etc), the celebrant, hair and make up for me and 2 bridesmaids, a buffet dinner with 3 hours of drinks for 53 people, a wedding cake, and a photographer….
    My advice is this :  Set up a website/facebook page with info on it for people to refer to. I had a website, where I listed websites for airlines that fly there, deals from travel agents etc. But, because I work for an airline people expected me to be their personal travel agent and organise everything for them as well as the wedding……   and enjoy your planning!
    Hope that is helpful…


    Hi SoonToBeMrsG,
    Planning a destination wedding can definitely be stressful so working with a travel agent with experience in booking overseas weddings will take a lot of worry out of the process. Something you need to be careful of is getting your license organized. While most Bali and Fiji resorts will help you to get your license done, it’s a bit more complicated in Thailand. You need to spend 3full days in Bangkok in order to get the license done.
    If you’d like some more info regarding venues you can contact our team at enquiries@honeymoon.com.au to go through some options. It can definitely be overwhelming so we can help narrow down your options!
    Regards, The team at Honeymoon Worldwide Holidays 


    Lin F

    Hi (soon-to-be) Mrs G! ; p
    All three destinations that you listed sound fantastic. However, I am a little partial towards Bali ; D, having travelled there several times recently. 
    Beach weddings are extremely popular in Bali (and this applies for Thailand too!). Most of the time, couples choose to hold their wedding in a villa or resort located by the beach (so that they can have their ceremony there, and hold their reception and party in the villa or resort). The wedding villas located in the Peninsula are extremely popular in Bali, especially those situated right by the coast or cliff-tops in Uluwatu (the views are simply stunning!). Some examples would be The Istana, Villa Karang Kembar and Villa Anugrah.As for a wedding planner…it really depends on the scale of your wedding. Do you want a large-scale wedding with many guests, or do you want a simple ceremony with a few close friends? It definitely helps to have a wedding planner, if you want a more elaborate celebration. In addition, a wedding planner will be able to find you reliable wedding vendors, saving you the hassle of having to coordinate every single aspect of your wedding. 
    I hope this helps!Lin @ Wedding-Bali.com


    Hello, the best idea is to find the place and your perfect venue, I used this website: http://www.wherewedding.co.uk/ and it appeared to be really helpful, then you will plan details with the supplier, good luck ! :)


    Hey I am also looking for a good destination/place for my first marriage. If someone here guide me about this I will highly appreciate your efforts.


    El Gee

    We had a destination wedding and a local wedding (Brisbane). The destination wedding was in Thailand (Koh Samui). We looked extensively at venues in Idonesia, Vietnam, Fiji and Thailand. Basically we started by looking for hotels that had packages as this was the most practical way for us to have the actual international ceremony organised. Once we’d narrowed it down to the venues we like, we did a ridiculously quick (4 day) reconnaissance trip to the two hotels we liked best (both in koh-samui) and met with the wedding planners and got a tour of both hotels and ended up booking from there.

    The venue we chose in the end was amazing for us and we couldn’t have imagined the day/week that all of our guests stayed at the hotel with us going any better. A lot depends on your personal preference for style/luxury/relaxation/enjoyment. We wanted the location to be stunning and were happy for the hotel to be comfortable (4 star) rather than opulent/extravagant. It definitely delivered on attention to detail, location and value for money.


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