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    Ok, so the title may be a bit of an exaggeration. Our wedding planning hasn’t quite reached disaster levels just yet, but I am feeling really disappointed and unhappy this morning and really just need to vent to a sympathetic ear or two.
    We are planning a June 2014 wedding in Santorini, Greece. We have a planner over there, who has made the process easier up to this point, but it is still tricky to plan the entire event over the phone and through emails. A couple of months ago we chose our reception venue and was told by our planner that though the church doesn’t allow bookings until January 2014, he would be there in person to guarantee our date on the very first day that it was possible for him to do so. We took his word for it and paid our 50% deposit for the reception venue. A few weeks after paying the deposit, we saw that the reception venue had had some renovations performed and had painted the wall of the area that we have reserved a vivid strawberry red. As a party venue, it is spectacular, but for our wedding… let’s just say that it wasn’t what we had in mind. We would NEVER have booked the venue had we known that this was their plan, and due to the length of time between booking and seeing the promotional pictures from the venue, there is no way that they did not have these plans in place before taking our money. I feel that they should have at least mentioned it to us that they were planning to drastically change the look of the space, especially since they knew that we were planning from afar and were relying on pictures alone.
    We ranted and raved to each other but decided not to make a fuss in the end. We weren’t willing to lose our deposit in order to find somewhere else and so what difference would moping around make. We laughed and figured that at least we have a years notice to plan a colour scheme that goes with a big ugly red wall. We started planning our save the dates so that we could give our guests notice should they wish to book their flights early and save some money and were happy to be offered a discount if we were to order our save the dates and invitations together. We just needed a confirmed time for our ceremony from the church. A couple of days after contacting our planner and asking him if there was a way to get an answer from the church now rather than in January next year, he responded by saying that the church had advised that the date we had chosen was a church holiday and a wedding wouldn’t be possible. Thank goodness we didn’t send save the dates out! I’m so frustrated with the whole situation and am regretting the decision to get married abroad at all! I know that we can change the date – no big deal – but the date we had chosen was special to us and I feel so let down by our planner that he didn’t know this earlier, especially considering that the reception venue has already been confirmed, through the planner, for that date!Do any knotties out there have any words of wisdom as for how to not lose your mind through this process? I thought that having a planner would make this a cake walk. Am I being ridiculous for caring about a red wall and a date change? Because this morning I care a lot and am feeling so disheartened.


    Hi Future Mrs M. I say you definitely have a right to be upset about a changed reception hall and the date disaster. The planner should have known better and should have been more organised. We have also picked a specific date and I would be so upset if it weren’t available for whatever reason. I have no idea how to cope with it and not blow your mind, I’m going through stressful family problems and honestly I haven’t found a way to cope yet, but when I do I will pass on my secret, I promise. I just say make sure your partner is being supportive, as my fiance is the only support I get at the moment so I’ve been leaning on him a lot. Good luck!


    Dear The Future Mrs M,
    At the risk of sounding patronising and I really don’t wish to – first take a deep breath, and take another.  Planning anything from a distance will have it’s challenges.
    You have a wedding planner. This is good.
    Don’t worry about the red wall.  Don’t worry about planning a colour scheme to go with a wall – go with what you like, I doubt any one will care about the wall and if they do – they’ve got their priorities on backwards.
    Is it possible to organise a celebrant (or a greek equivalent) and ask your planner to nominate some nice spots near to where the reception is going to be held?  Santorini is very beautiful in a typical greek way so I’m sure there spots around.
    A girlfriend of mine was in a similar situation – she wound up having a three day wedding celebration – day one – service, day two reception, day three, post-wedding gathering.  Hers is a destination wedding too.
    Take some more deep breaths. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.
    I’m planning a wedding in country nsw – we live in Sydney so it’s *sort of* a destination wedding and I’m sure I’ll be filling up the forums in no time with my own exasperations!  So far so good – I have a theme.  No venue and no church.  But I have a theme.  (Part of the process of me and my sweetheart getting wed is an anullment – we can’t book nuffin until that’s done so I can only theme and scheme!)
    Let me know how you get on.
    Love, and best wishes,
    The Future Mrs S

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