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    Hi all! My partner & I are both 26 and have been together 10 years. We also have a 6yo daughter who is as much a part of our wedding as we are.
    The wedding is going to be small, non-traditional and we will be paying for most of it with a little help from each side of the family.
    I have had our wedding invitations designed & all it says is Aaron & Gina are getting married. Date. Time. Venue. and it seams a bit empty!
    I’m wondering if it is acceptable for wording similar to “Sasha requests the pleasure of your presence at the wedding of her mum & dad Aaron & Gina”. I wasn’t planning on using last names & she is well known to all attending.
    Any opinions on this would be greatly appreciated.  :)



    Traditionally the parents introduce the names of the couple,  for example ” Mrs. & Mr. X and Mr. & Mrs. Y would like to cordially invite you to the wedding of [Partner A] & [Partner B]”.
    However you should do it your way,  and if you want to include your child (who I’m assuming is very precious to you and a big part of your life) you should! Try a few different layouts and wordings so that you can find someone that fits you as a family and looks visually balanced on the invite.



    Hi Gina, we didn’t feel right have it as our parents inviting ppl to our wedding given we’re a) paying for the wedding and b) have both been living together out of home for quiet some time now! So we had ‘together with their families, bride & groom request the pleasure of the company of ‘guest names’ to celebrate their marriage….
    you could have ‘together with Sasha and their families, Aaron & Gina request the pleasure of your company at their wedding’.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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