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    My dad and I used to be quite close and after I had children of my own there is so much distance between us, I eventually had to move in with he and my brother with my 2 kids after my ex left me, he (dad) has financially helped me out since then (my eldest child required numerous therapies which he was footing the bill for because I couldn’t afford till our funding was granted) that was 2 years ago I’m now with an amazing man who my father gets along well with (as well as he can- we suspect dad also has aspergers) and he has made some nasty comments about money etc my partner and I are paying for the wedding ourselves with the exception of my dress which my mum wanted to buy, dad has no interest in helping which doesn’t bother me he’s supported us enough but the constant fighting has really got me questioning whether to have him walk me down the aisle or my grandfather who I know would love to do it, I mentioned this to my maid of honour and she said not to completely disregard dad as it may be something he really wants to do but he has been quite emotionless for a long time it’s so hard to tell whether he even cares or not (about the wedding) and whether it would be inappropriate to have my grandfather do it, I get the impression it’s more a task for him than something he wants. Any thoughts or suggestions



    Without actually knowing your dad I think he would still want to walk you down the isle, even if your relationship has changed and grown apart recently, that shouldn’t discount all of the other things he has done for you in your life and how he feels about you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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