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    I am planning on popping the question later this year, and wanted to find a nice jeweler who will do a custom designed engagement ring. 
    So far I have dealt with certain mainstream jewelers, and they have been filled with rude ladies who looked down their noses at me for wanting something other than a solitair diamond ring worth > $5000.
    I am looking for someone who will sit down with me, hear me out, give me a basic sketch (3D rendering even better), and make and suggest valid changes throughout the process. I don’t buy in to the absurd expenses involved in the modern bridal scene, and I want pay for what the ring, design, and labour is worth – not $1000 extra just because it has the word “engagement” in the title.
    Does anyone have any recommendations for nice places in Sydney?
    Many thanks.



    Hello Alon,
    I’m getting my ring designed with Bill Hicks Jewellry in Sydney.
    You need to make an appointment to see him (or should instead of just dropping in) but he is a really nice guy. He’ll talk you through what you want in your ring, sketch it and talk about different diamond options (I’m going for colour up/down to “G” for my ring and I can’t tell the differance between that and a “D” or flawlessly white diamond).
    He sources the diamonds and does the designs himself. Depending on what you are after depends on the cost, i.e a very detailed design that will take a few consultations to get right will add cost that way, or diamonds that are hard to find such as interesting shapes at high grades and weight.
    My ring will cost somewhere between $2000-$3000 for a 3 stoned engagement ring with oval and pear shaped stones in yellow gold. But I will get exactly what I want designed for me with certificates for the diamonds. 



    Hey Alon!I Love Manuella Zappacosta  at Zappacosta Jewels in the Strand arcade – She is brilliant and an absolutely wonderful person and loves doing custom/alternative designs and she will work within your budget to get you what you want.
    I would highly recommend having a chat to her!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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