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    Culture stone is a stone building in a branch, species diversity, rich colors, shapes, unique taste, clear surface texture, texture dense, simple and elegant, classy and appeal to advance, indoor and outdoor decoration both style of Europe and the United States architectural culture, classical and elegant ambience meet modern pursuit of fashion, getting back to basics, back to the natural state of mind. Also for architects to provide an unlimited leisure thought, design idea of infinite vast space and means of expression, so that the owners can fully reflect their own personality and taste, creating a fresh idyllic mood. http://www.stonegroupon.com/

    Currently has been widely used in large public buildings, garden villas, garden construction, entertainment, decoration, hotel, restaurant, create endless artistic effect and noble, elegant style, make the building and natural integration, has become a new bright spot in the modern architectural culture. http://www.stonegroupon.com/product_BuildingStone.html

    Now with people’s pursuit of comfort, culture stone gradually into the household. In modern stone Jiezhuang designers more suggestions TV setting wall selects the texture of rough culture stone mosaic, so that both can be sound-absorbing, and a thickening of the wall, reduce the effect of sound on the other bedroom space, and can contrast the unique design of the modern appliances exquisite sense, the formation of a strong contrast of texture, modeling a variety of stone culture, color, used for indoor local decorations, such as home decoration Indoor TV wall, heating the iron cover floating around the convex shape, or is in the courtyard of the ground processing, decorative effect close to nature, reflect the ancient style of decoration.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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