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    Hi, I’m new around here because I recently got engaged! My man proposed to me on Monday the 3rd of February at the top of the eye of brisbane Ferris wheel, on our 5 year anniversary :) I’ve known I would marry him for a long time, we have a 7 month old son together and are high school sweet hearts, so safe to say I have been ‘planning’ my wedding for a while 😛 but now things are obviously more serious. So, I want to do blush pink and I was thinking gold, they look perfect together but my partner wants to wear grey suits, originally he wanted white but I managed to change his mind, he refuses to wear black. Do you think grey suits would clash with blush pink and gold? 



    Pink goes very well with gold, but I would recommend warm pinks such as peach or coral rather than cool pinks such as blush unless you’re going for more rose-gold, bronze or silver.
    Grey, being a neutral tone will go with almost anything, the trick will be finding the right shade that will suit the intensity of colour enough to offset it. You could also choose a muted tone such a taupe or grey with a warmer undertone (many greys are created by using cool-coloured dyes so it may take some shopping around). You could also choose washed out colours such as a subtle green (which offsets pinks and oranges nicely as well as golds).
    Being a graphic designer means I’ve had to do a lot of training around colour theory; so I can tell you from experience that vague colour references like ‘pink’ or ‘gold’ are hard to define. I would recommend placing the swatches together and finding undertones that work well together, a tiny change in the amount of blue or red can change the over-all impression of a colour and how it works with other choices (and you also have to account for personal preference). In my trade we would use a pantone colour book for clients (they’re very pricey and an official U.S. colour grading system designed to make things a little more universal) to assist them in choosing the correct tones and shades etc.) but to get something close for a lower price, run into a paint store or Bunnings and purchase some of their sample colour booklets and compare the swatches, your choices may be a little more limited or seasonal so don’t be afraid to shop around.


    Grey looks great with everything. Maybe get a gold tie to go with it, then you could wear a gold sash to match. And for the pink match bridesmaid dresses with groomsmen’s ties. Just a suggestion.

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