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    Originally my Fiance suggested eloping, I think it was a joke and he didn’t really think I would agree with it and run with it but I did. I’ve been married before but he hasn’t. I offered to elope with a priest but as I’ve been married before (non-church wedding) he refused to do it, apparently there has been a new ruling lately?! So I offer to get an annulment but fiance says don’t worry, doesn’t seem too worried. I go on a five week holiday of Europe with a girlfriend and he lives with his parents for that 5 weeks *rolls eyes 😛 Now his mum is suggesting annulment and he is going along with it and now I feel trapped into a church wedding in a town that I really dislike!! 
    How do I get around an over involved MIL and convince my fiance that his original choice is the best one for us? He is very frugal and we would be paying for the wedding ourselves so I really am not keen on a massive $35000 do that will put a massive dent in our savings fo the future!! 

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