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    My wedding is coming up in about a month and it will be held in my parents garden. We’re having a marquee reception for about 80 people, including about 10 children. My mum has asked me to let people know that she doesn’t want kids (or anyone really) inside the house for a few reasons 1) People might dump their kids inside by themselves and use the telly as a babysitter; 2) People might forget that they are at a wedding and go and hang out inside if they see people in there with the kids (my uncle especially). 
    I’m struggling to find a way to do this politely, as I completely agree with mum and don’t want her to be stressing on the day about children being left inside her house alone, but I don’t want people to feel defensive and like I’m accusing them of bad parenting. 
    We’re having a black board outside that has details about where the toilets are and what time things start, would it be rude to have something written about it down the bottom? 



    Hi Jenna,
    I’d first keep the house locked…then if they do wonder up they can’t get in. Secondly just put a simple sign up saying something like ‘residents only’ or ‘no entry’ or something fun like ‘oh oh, you’ve wondered away from the fun, the parties that way’ with an arrow. Just keep it as a blanket rule that no one can go in. I don’t think its rude to have a sign saying they can’t enter…if they wonder away from the marquee then they need to get back in there!



    As Bec said, the best thing to do is cordon off the house and make it a no-access area. Making it clear that the ceremony area is the garden and that the house is not for guests is the best option (it isn’t fair to only exclude children or parents with kids, so it will have to apply to everyone). You can have your MC or celebrant make a quick announcement as a reminder (among other things like where to get a drink etc. to keep it casual). Just try not to make a huge deal of it, and have someone to usher people away who are trying to get into the house or loiter away from the party.


    Personally, if I’m a parent of one of those kids, I wouldn’t mind seeing something prohibiting children to stay inside the house because I undertand how stressful it would be. Children might break something insde and that would be my problem to fix so I’d better restrict my children of going inside so yeah. I wouldn’t mind reading rules about that. However this is just my own opinion.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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