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    Hi all
    We have just found the most perfect Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dresses in chiffon. You can order extra material from AA to get matching ties made, however the seamstress does not recommend chiffon for ties and she recommended ordering satin in the same colour.
    Will it look odd having shiny satin ties on the boys and chiffon for the bridesmaids? Other stumbling point is that there is a female on the groom’s side and we want to make a belt/sash in the same colour for her dress. Should we then keep with the satin for her, or go with chiffon?
    Please help?!



    It would be unusual to use chiffon for ties, it’s a flowy fabric whereas ties are structured, I’m not sure if it’s even really possible to make ties from chiffon (and have them look any good). Satin doesn’t have to be shiny, it can look like silk so that’s probably the type of satin your dress marker is referring to. In that case the ties would look like normal ties. I would use satin for a sash, chiffon won’t sit as nicely around the waist as it’s not designed to be worn in that way. Satin it’s what most bridal/formal sashes are made from.



    You definitely wouldn’t want ties made out of chiffon. 
    Im having chiffon dresses for my maids and satin ties for the guys. May look for a matt satin (not shiny) but honestly not too phased either way!



    Ties need to be able to hold their shape and move easily (which is why some have a teflon coating), so chiffon wouldn’t work. However a silk tie with a matte finish may work better than a shiny satin finish. You could also look into a bow-tie, ones that are pre-made or clip-on don’t have the issue of needing to be easy to tie, so you have the option of more fabric choices.
    I would tie the mens’ accessories to the womens’ by having a matching sash made of the same fabric for all of them (not just the groom side) and you could also use the same flowers from the bridal bouquet in the boutonniere.
    Hope that helps!


    Eric James

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