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    Hi Brides,
    I am getting married in May next year & what started as a wedding planned for 120 has now gone up to 170! This has meant our budget has been stretched quite a bit (it’s going to be around the 25k mark – I think that’s pretty good!) but to save money I opted to buy my bridesmaid dresses from Target. I did see some stunning dresses online & in wedding stores but for $250+ a dress, I simply can not justify that price! Especially when I have 5 to pay for, and even so, I would never ask someone to pay that much for a dress! 
    So I did find some super sweet black cocktail dresses, totally fitting with my retro theme, but upon telling my mum and dad they were from target they seemed appalled and commented that they will look cheap :( does it really matter if they are purchased for target or should I have spent a little more? If I’m honest I don’t ever care what bridesmaids wear as I feel it’s the bride and grooms outfits that matter but now I feel really disheartened :( I’m worried my bridesmaids will blend in with everyone etc 



    Hi Future Mrs S! Can I ask, who is actually paying for these dresses? If its just you and FH then buy the ones from target. You can dress them up a bit if you like by getting a dressmaker to add a coloured sash or flower pins in your wedding colours. That way they aren’t in plain black dresses and will still match. If your bridesmaids are kicking in, then ask them what their budget is and look for something a bit nicer. You might find some good bargains in the pre-Christmas sales. Or if the bridesmaids are paying for it in full then give them your specifics and set them free on the shops. 
    At the end of the day their outfits aren’t as important as yours. It’s about you and your fiancé. You can have whatever you want, and if that’s a target dress for the bridesmaids then go for it. Splurge on the important stuff, and don’t stress on the rest. 



    But before they knew they were from target they thought they were fine, right?
    So buy them and keep it a secret.
    Everyone will think the girls look fab and just ask your parents not to tell anyone were they got them from. Not because you’re embarrassed but because they are being so negative about it.
    Also when people do the “buy whatever you like just make sure its this colour” thing for bridesmaids you know they aren’t hitting up bridal shops but regular clothes stores – like target.



    If you need bridesmaids dresses on a budget you may want to try weddingdressexpress.com.au. They sell off the rack dresses for around $99 in a range of different colours and styles. We’re also looking at a site called light in the box with more style options, which offers custom sizing but can be a bit more expensive (however the custom sized dresses at Wedding dress express are generally more expensive).
    We’re trying to find very inexpensive dresses ourselves because we cannot afford them in our budget, and we want our Bridesmaids to know we’ve worked our butts off to find affordable, comfortable and pretty dresses for them. A lot of brides will find something a little more expensive if they aren’t supplying the dresses themselves, but we made a concious decision early on to be as money savvy as possible so that the wedding wouldn’t impact everyone else as much.
    Also, the brand doesn’t matter, who’s really going to look at the tags? As long as the dresses look nice, fit your theme and idea of what you want, who cares? Some Brides like a more sleek, elegant or simple look and sometimes department store dresses can fit the bill. As Bec said, you can totally customise them with acceessories to tie them into other elements of your wedding. Things like hair, make-up, accessories and shoes make a big difference.



    Go for it! If you and your maids love them, then they are the right dresses for you!


    kelly lu

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    http://cart100.com/category/162701/Wedding_dress/ hi girl, see here~


    Sorry, future Mrs S, but if you can’t afford to put your bridesmaids in something nice, then you shouldn’t have decided to have 5 bridesmaids. 
    I was able to stick to a budget and thought that it was far kinder (which in turn showed that I actually cared about how my bridesmaids looked) by only chosing 2 and putting them in well made dresses. Many people are starting to look at the bridesmaids as a way of determining what type of ‘bride’ the bride is. Most times you see a gorgeous bride and a bunch of bridesmaids wearing ill fitting and unflattering dresses. Makes the bride look selfish. 
    I have been a bridesmaid and shoved into many an unflattering gown. Being told that you are important to the bride (by being asked to be a bridesmaid) and then put into a dress that you know (and you know the bride knows) doesn’t look great on you, doesn’t feel nice.
    Think about that. 



    Yikes, that’s not very nice Brideslave15. For a lot of brides budgeting is an issue, and the fact that she wants to pay for the dresses herself is very generous regardless of how much they cost. Cost doesn’t always impact how the dresses look, and you seem to forget that dresses can be tailored to fit for a small fee and accessories can make a vast difference. A wedding is a costly endeavour and budgets are different for each couple, having big/small budget does not make you any more/less of a bride.
    Each bride chooses the people in their bridal party for personal and special reasons, it isn’t fair to demand they get rid of important people in their life because you feel they are cheap. Future Mrs. S may have chosen some gorgeous dresses that just happen to have a Target tag on them, buying the same dress from Vera Wang would not impact how everyone looks and feels, it would only hurt her bank account and leave less room for other things like a nice venue.


    Hi Future Mrs S, how about you sit down with your girls and have a chat to them? Tell them what’s going on and how it’s really stretched your budget, show them a pic of the dresses and explain how you can bling them up or add a sash to change the design so they stand out, and maybe just ask their opinions. I know you said you wouldn’t ask them to buy the dress, but maybe ask if they’d be happy to pay for half, that way you could look around.
    As one of the other girls said, Light in the box is a great website, as is JJ’s house, or 4bridesmaid.com.au. There are plenty of good websites that offer cheaper dresses, so have a hunt around, or maybe ask your girls to help you hunt and come up with options together.
    In saying that, I don’t think it’s horrifying to buy dresses from Target. I had told my sister she could do the same thing (I gave her the option of where to get her dress). If your parents didn’t realize they were Target dresses before you told them, then nobody else will unless they’ve bought the same dress. I would suggest taking your girls to Target and trying on the dresses and imagining what accessories you would throw with it. See what the girls say, not your parents.
    Good luck hun!


    Don’t worry at all. What kind of a snob will be able to tell they are from Target, unless you tell them. There are all kinds of styles and designs out there that have all sorts of price tags. What is important is that you like them and your bridesmaids look good in them; which has nothing to do with cost. I bought cheap dresses online and my BMs love them and they fit well and don’t look super cheap.

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