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    What are people’s thoughts about not having programs at the ceremony? We are just having a simple civil ceremony with about 50-60 guest and I don’t know if it’s really necessary for programs.  Thoughts?



    I’m not having programs. :)



    We’ve decided to have really basic programs. We wanted a way to let our guests know the names of our “main players” (our parents, grandparents and bridal party) – my dad’s side of the family have only met my partner a few times, so would have no idea about his parents’ names or anything; my step mum and my partner both have family flying in for the wedding who won’t really know who anyone is; etc.
    My past experience with weddings has also shown me that I like to know the names of songs and readings that have been used – I might have never heard the song before and really liked it, the same with a reading – so this information has also been included (not the actual reading itself) and the name of the artist for a song or the reader.
    One A4 sheet of paper will essentially make 3 programs – information will be displayed front and back. I know people say they’re a waste of money and no one looks at them, but I always keep the wedding program (if there is one) and have always seen people reading them prior to or during the ceremony. I don’t, however think there is anything wrong with not having programs, especially if you are having a civil ceremony – people can work out who the “main players” are for themselves and will be able to follow along just fine.


    i am going to make them but ours will be different… silly funny programs which reflect us and make everyone laugh… something like this… http://offbeatbride.com/2011/12/funny-wedding-program


    Thanks for your thoughts everyone!


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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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