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    I am inviting 40 extra people to the ceremony and not the reception because my family is HUGE (I’m also very close to them all) and I can’t afford to invite those who I would like to . I know this is not ‘PC’ so I have made it as involved as I can – ceremony involves food and drinks and band playing etc and I wish to request no gifts. There is a long gap between each event and totally different locations. Would it better or worse if I posted this to my wedding website? Or leave people guessing?
    “Why did I receive a ceremony invite only?
    We decided to have everybody we love to share the most special part of our day (ceremony) as, due to our budget, the reception had to be left for mostly family.There will be devonshire tea and drinks served after the ceremony.but we will not be accepting ceremony gifts.”
    _ Help- confused!


    We don’t have that big-a family, but I do have a lot of aquaintances who are asking about coming to my wedding. Personally I’m going to be putting on their invites ‘ceremony only’ and those invited to the reception will have the details on their invitations. If anyone asks I’m just going to come straight up and say that we didn’t have the space or money for everyone at the reception venue.I understand that this would be harder with family, however since there’s food, drinks and music at the ceremony, I shouldn’t think that there would be too many hurt feelings over not recieving a reception invite. 


    Hi skwirral,
    It is absolutely fine to have a ceremony only for guests that wont be included in the reception. With weddings being an expensive event these days, most people understand that not everyone can afford the luxuries of big weddings.
    For my wedding, I sent out 2 types of invitations to our guests. For the ceremony only invites I mentioned that we will be having tea and coffee after the ceremony for a chance to mingle with us and chat so they dont feel like they need to go home straight after. For the guests coming to the reception, the invite stated for them to leave the ceremony immediately after the photos and go to the reception venue, so they knew not to linger around for the tea and coffee with our ceremony-only guests. But I did not put ‘ceremony only’ in the invites. I felt like it would be too much ‘in their face’ that they weren’t invited to the reception as well.
    No one complained (well not that I heard of) so all good!
    Hope that helps.
    Rachelyn Halliday


    This is incredibly rude. The point of a reception is to thank those people for coming to celebrate your marriage. You should budget for what you can host and if that means trimming the guest list then so be it



    Hey Melanie, not all weddings or budgets are the same these days. People cater to the guests that will be attending as well as tailor a wedding that suits their idea of a perfect day and includes the people who are closest to them in a way that works for everyone.A lot of couples have seperate guest lists for the reception and ceremony, this is the modern world and people choose diverse venues and locations that cater to different numbers. A ceremony location may only have standing room, or plenty of room for hundreds of seats; while a recption may be at an intimate restaurant or period house that is restricted by size or protected by legislation to prevent damage to a heritage site.Whatever the reason, it is important not to judge others and accuse them of being ‘rude’ because their choices don’t conform to your idea of a traditional wedding. As long as the couples and the guests are comfortable and happy, who cares?

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