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    Hi, I am getting married in six months and have looked at so many diets and ways to loose weight. Does anyone know or tried a diet that works and is easy to follow and stick too? Want to loose about 12kg so that I can fit into my dress :)


    I can recommend two, both clean eating…. The Emily Sparkes diet plan from Fiit Chicks or the 17 Day Diet. Both are completely clean eating, cutting most carbs and sugars out of your diet. Focuses more on what you eat rather than how much you eat, which means you don’t starve. Also see if you can join a gym or dance classes. Advice I’ve been given is to create a goal for yourself for each week. I’m trying to do at least 5 exercise sessions a week, that’s including the dance classes I’ve signed up for.


    Thanks Emerald Bride, will have a look into that.  Thinking of doing a Zumba Class have heard they are really good and fun too.



    Hey, I started Weight Watchers last year in October, its now March, I’ve lost 19kgs! And i hate excerising, it was just changing what i eat. (I am a very lazy person) so if you are active, you will lose alot more alot faster!


    My mother started weight watchers a few years ago and I remember one week she lost 5 kgs… you need to find something that suits you and your lifestyle. I’m doing dance classes because that’s the only form of exercise I’m interested in. I’ve found Zumba is great but I’m also mixing it up with some Latin, Salsa and Pilates (same dance company). A lot of women also get into kick-boxing I’ve heard…



    Hey KazzaFazza80
    Definitely recommend Fiit Chicks like EmeraldBride said – I have lost 13kg so far following the eating plan.
    I’m sorry, I just have to correct EmeraldBride though – Fiit Chicks do not recommend cutting most carbs out of your diet, only to swap “white” carbs – white bread, potatos, rice etc, for more healthy alternatives like brown rice, quinoa, wholemeal bread, sweet potato… 
    I plateaud after losing 9kg and introduced more carbs into my diet – lost 4 more kg very quickly…  
    Fiit Chicks are great as they really don’t encourage denying yourself, but will educate you on better ways to eat – I made clean choc chip cookies the other day, no refined sugar at all, just a bit of honey and dates to sweeten it up. They tasted great! I hate diets that cut out major food groups – not sustainable at all! And your body needs all different things to run.
    Definitely check it out online, get into their facebook group, download the free meal plan. It’s great! 
    Also feel free to follow me on Instagram – @dankistar_fit_n_clean – I post a lot of my meals, motivationals and links to other IGs of motivational fit people!!!



    Hi kazzafazza. I tried diet plans and cutting carbs etc before, but the weight never stayed off. In fact after the last one I put moderne weight back on than what I had lost. After Xmas last year I decided enough was enough. I needed to lose about 20-25 kilos and I wasn’t going to follow a strict diet plan. Instead I started with baby steps. I cut out junk food, stopped buying it and keeping junky snacks in the house. I swapped the bad carbs and fats for good ones, and reduced my portion sizes slightly. I made a point of eating breakfast, either eggs on whole meal toast or raisin toast etc. Work lunches and snacks I packed and took with me to avoid buying fast food. 
    Come February I took it up a notch. The weather started to cool slightly so I walked the dogs after work most days. I set up an old exercise bike inside, and a boxing/weights gym out the back. 
    Its been a slow process, and I’ve taken the odd step back every now and then. But in 5 1/2 months a lost 10 kilos. I’ve got a little under 12 months to the wedding and I’m ready to lose another 10 at least. 
    As a guide I use My Fitness Pal. It’s a calorie counting program and was a good help to get me started on the right things to eat, and how much exercise to do each day. 
    Diet plans are great if you only have a few to lose. But for large amounts of weight loss I find its better to do it slowly, change your lifestyle, and enjoy the process. I still indulge in the odd slice of cake or biscuit etc. I still eat take out every few weeks. Doing it this way I have been able to enjoy life and not stress over whether the restaurant we are going to have a meal to suit my diet plan.
    Everyones body is different, so I recommend talking to your doctor before starting anything radicle. Whatever method you chose, good luck. :-)


    I think clean eating is the best way to lose weight. Git rid of all the processed food and just eat fresh, healthy food.
    Sugar is the main problem in terms of losing weight. Many people eat a lot of fruit because they think it’s healthy when in fact, it is full of sugar. Vegetables are a better option, especially green leafy ones.
    Make sure you get plenty of protein. Exercise regularly and most important – drink plenty of water!



    And don’t forget weights! There’s lots of focus on cardio and a stigma that weights make you ‘bulky’… they don’t if you do it right! Lots of low weight, high repetitions is great for weight loss and toning. Seriously, chat to a PT about a good regime, they did my routine for me and it’s been great (bearing in mind I’m quite petite framed at 5’9″ so my weights are very low!).
    I do:
    Warm up- tready or cross trainer
    3 reps of 15 lat pulldowns @ 19kg
    3 reps of 15 chest presses @ 10kg barbell
    3 reps of 15 squats @ 4kg dumbbell each hand
    3 reps of 15 plie squats @ one 4kg dumbbell
    3 reps of 15 leg presses (45 degree or horizontal) @ 25kg
    2 reps of 15 crunches
    2 reps of 30 oblique crunches with a 5kg free weight
    2 reps of 15 reverse crunchI do this 3-4 times a week… it takes 45 minutes from start to finish. After 6-8 weeks you’ll need to increase weights.


    I think it is possible for you to have your desired weight. You have lots of time and you can do some workouts every day. Juicing can help you to lose weight easily. Have a healthy lifestyle and do some cardio workouts every morning and enroll to a yoga class. It is better if you eat fruits and vegetables daily. Also drink plenty of waters at least 8 glasses of water will be a big help for you.

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