Can bridemaids set up wedding decoration on the day?

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    One of my friend is brilliant with some flower deco, and I want her to help me with wedding DIY, which she said Yes to. My question is, if she becomes my bridemaid, can she still set up some decos around the venue and restaurant?Is it something possible? not only her, but maybe me and some friends get up early to go to ceremony and restaurant for reception and do sone flowers and deco on the day??
    Do people usually different friends to help with decorations of the venue on the wedding day, and not bridemaids?
    I can do all DIY, but there’s gotta be someone who set it all up on the day, who do you ask for this?
    I just can’t figure it out…please help


    Hi Cupcakes, I’m having my groom and best man do the small setting up before the ceremony. We’re only allowed on the grounds a half hour before the ceremony starts, and we don’t have many decorations, so I’ve told him to go there early so I can get dressed, set up the ceremony venue then go and get a beer before the wedding. I will probably have the best man and other men pack everything up afterwards as we’re having photos taken. 



    Thanks Emerald Bride, I really didn’t think about the fact the groom & best man can do those! Thanks for the idea =)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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