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    My partner and I need a DIY wedding venue because we have a lot of factors going against us getting a package deal:

    My fiancé’s family like to drink spirits. They like to drink a lot of spirits. We need to find somewhere which does BYO, otherwise we will be bankrupted by the bar tab.
    We don’t want to go home at midnight.
    I really want to personalise decorations and have stalls, popcorn, trail mix, beer etc.
    And, I’m a chef so I want to create and execute my own catering.
    My problem is that I can’t find a venue which will
    allow us to do this. We’re looking for a hall or an establishment
    which will rent out a room or maybe a cafe or a restaurant we can book
    out (as long as we can BYO).We just need a space as we can get in a caterer etc.

    We want to get married in ACT or NSW riverine region or has valley region. Please help!



    Many venues will allow you to customise your options to suit your needs, and some will have spirit packages which you can add on for an extra fee; some will also offer a deal for a set payment for an open bar, these tend to include a larger initial payment but prevent a painful bill later. There are loads of options, but I should warn you that it can be difficult to find BYO venues, and you’ll need the proper licencing and have the ability to figure out the appropriate amount of stock required, so I’d recommend consulting an events planner.

    If your family like to get into the alcohol supply you really need to look at appropriate venues, somewhere that isn’t close to a residential area for example as you really want to respect the neighbours. Liquor licencing laws often include a cut-off time and this may mean that legally you may not be able to go beyond midnight. It may be worth looking at a nightclub or bar style of venue as they will have longer operating hours, staff will be fully trained with their RSA, and there will be appropriate sound-proofing.

    As for self-catering this is a real grey area, you may have to exempt the venue from liability, as it could be a health and safety issue. I’m guessing many venues won’t be comfortable with you catering unless you have formal training, experience and are a licensed caterer; but something like a backyard wedding or outdoor wedding may allow for more flexibility.

    It sounds like you’re going to have to do a lot of calling around and negotiating, but don’t let that get you down! You may not be able to reach all of your targets, but your wedding is definitely achievable with some hard work and understanding venues.


    There is a venue in Victoria similar to what you are looking for. Depends if you have your heart set on a venue in ACT and NSW

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    Have you thought about renting a guest house and having it there and doing a backyard style wedding? Stayz has heaps of houses on beautiful properties that can be rented out and then you can bring your own everything.

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