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    I’m having my wedding about 1 hour away from home, on a Sunday, and because of the destination I know a lot of guests will be staying in nearby accommodation for the weekend.  We’re considering hiring a bus to shuttle guests to and from the wedding (the ceremony and receiption are at the one location).  The shuttle service is priced per person, would it be rude to ask the guests to pay their own way?  I’m in two minds about it.  I’d like to safe as many dollars as possible, but don’t know if this is the place to do it?



    If you want to provide a shuttle-bus for your guests, it is expected that you will provide that service at no cost to them. Most guests are ok finding their own mode of transport to the venue (and some will even arrange to travel with other guests), so having a shuttle is seen as a luxury, a way of being appreciative and considerate.
    Guests already spend a lot of money on your big day, buying outfits, getting hair, nails and make-up done as well as travel costs and a wedding gift or sum of money for a wishing well. So it is expected that you cover the cost of the services they will be using on the day; they have been invited by you to spend a special moment and shouldn’t be expected to bring their wallet.
    If you don’t think you can afford the shuttle, don’t get one, as you risk looking cheap if you include in the invite (or website etc.) that they have to pay for it (most of all, don’t leave it to be a nasty surprise on the day). Some venues will actually have a shuttle-bus you can hire on the day or include in your package, but you may be limited by how it looks or how many passengers they hold. If you have a specific shuttle in mnd and really want it, make room for it in the budet by cutting other things.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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