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    My partner and I have recently got engaged after being together for 7years. I’ve starting planning out our wedding and have been shocked to find the cost of a lot of things! Any advice on what areas I could save on and where should I not cut back on?



    It really comes down to personal choice and the style of wedding that you want, but in general I think don’t cut corners on a photographer. Months and years after the wedding, the only way to remember what you did and the people who were there to wish you happiness will be by photos… You probably won’t stress over having carnations instead of roses in 5 years time, but if you don’t have any photos you are happy with you will always regret it.



    Hi Georgie,
    I’d say, like jsbride, it depends on what kind of wedding you want.
    From my experience:
    Your guest will most love and remember: dancing to great music, having a great meal and seeing you enjoy your special day and sharing that moment with you.
    You will love: Special moments shared with guests, having a great party with dancing and food.



    Hi Georgie,
    How are the budgeting ideas coming along?
    Some more hints for you include:
    Things to definately spend on:
    Food: You and your guest will remember this longer than the flowers, the napkins or the chair covers.
    Photos: The one tangable thing you will have of your day that can instantly bring back the happy memories. it pays to have good quality on this.
    Music/entertainment: These are the people entertaining your guest for at least 3 hours. Do you really want your uncles neighbours kids first gig to be your wedding?
    Things you might want to save on:
    Bonbonierre: It pays to shop around on this one. People are touched to have something personal to take home and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Bake cookies, hnad out your wedding cake or do something you. You don’t have to give everyone a silver engraved photoframe if you don’t want to.
    Flowers / cetrepieces: By all means have a gorgeous bouquet, however do you really need the same bouquet on every table?  We used glass jars, candles and pebble things and it worked out just as well. This time around we will use boardgames for our centrepieces (which double as bonboniere). But if flowers are important for you, go for flowers in season and that can go the distance.
    Outfit: Hear me out on this one. If possible, hire out your dream dress. I did and instead of shelling out $3500 I got to wear my dream dress for $500. Try off the rack dresses or if you are having it made switch out some of the more expensive elements that people won’t notice (like french lace for standard)


    Hi Georgie,
    We’re saving on the cake by having someone who runs a small business from home make it rather than having a wedding baker make it. We’re also going to say it’s an engagement cake, and then just put our cake topper on the top.
    I’m getting my dress made by Wedding Dress Express, they’re a website/store based in QLD and can do custom design dresses or off the rack. If you see the dress you want, send them a picture and ask for a quote. At the moment, my big A-line dress with all the trimmings is going to cost about $800, and a simpler dress I asked about, still A-line with train, was going to be $500… they have great reviews and examples on their website, so check them out. http://www.weddingdressexpress.com.au/
    I’m probably going to buy fake bouquets off of ebay, because they’re hardly going to be used on the day, and I don’t want to waste money on them when they’re just going to be thrown out. The ones I’m getting are being shipped from the UK and are cheaper than ones I can buy in AUS.
    I bought my shoes for $40 because they’re going to be hidden by the dress anyway. I had a pair of fancy shoes already, so I’m going to have photos in those, and then wear the plain ones down the aisle for comfort.
    Borrow where you can. I’m probably borrowing my cousin’s veil, my mother’s jewellery, etc. Also, ask around if anybody knows anyone who does hair and makeup, rents out jewellery, etc.
    My make up is being done by someone who’s just branched out into her own business, but has experience with Napoleon, so she’s half the price but still great at her work.
    I’m not stinging on my photographer, but I just got the basic package, and I will be getting the photo album made a few years down the track instead. Most people spent a couple extra thousand getting their photo album done at the same time, but there’s really no rush. Your photos will still look as stunning 3 years later, so take some time to save up the money. I’m currently looking into http://www.designeralbums.net they do professional albums and you just provide the photos.
    Cocktail functions always end up being a bit cheaper, and see if you can find a reception venue that provides centrepieces and decorations. I’m just having the cocktail function at a function room, not a wedding reception place, which has cut costs immensley! They also provide centrepieces, I’m able to plug an iPod into the stero and just play my own music, which means I save on a band, and they room isn’t all white, which gives it some character.
    Check out Facebook for any local business that do cakes, flowers, jewellery, etc. Those that are just starting out will create a page on Facebook, and you can scroll through their photos to see what their products look like. This is how I found my cake baker. She’s doing my birthday cake for this year, so I can see if she’s actually good, but her cakes look amazing and I’m hoping to then use her for the wedding.
    Also, go to as many bridal expo’s as possible and sign up for all the competitions and deals!
    Good luck!



    No cars, get a family member or friend to drive you. 
    Bar tab rather than package, you control the exact cost and get the most for your money. 
    Shop around lots. 
    Custom rings can actually be cheaper than some expensive jewlers and much better. 
    No ceremony musicians. Use cds. 
    No videographer. 
    Get a cd from your photographer rather rhan an album. Get them to provide a few nice prints, make your own album on blurb.com or something. 
    Ask for you jewelery and other things for birthday or christmas presents. 
    Buy bridesmaid dresses from a normal shop like Forever New instead of a wedding shop. 
    Skip favours. 
    Dj over band. 
    Get your skilled friends and family members to provide services as gifts – hair, make up, invites, music, setting up the room. 
    Guests pay for meal instead of gifts
    give supplier a budget to work within – i have $x for flowers and need xyz, what flowers can you do to work with that?
    Shop the sales. 
    Buy a sample wedding dress. 
    Have a lunch time meal instead of dinner, or just finger food.
    Cost out diy beforehand, often not worth it.
    Invite less people.  



    Hi Georgie,
    Just an update:
    Sales can be your best friend as can the internet.
    I managed to snag my bridesmaid dresses for about $90 each (orginally $200) and I bought great matching re-wearable shoes on sale at Williams (did you know they actually have a fancy womens section?)
    On the subject of shoes, don’t buy special “bridal” shoes. Often these are expensive, made with white (read easily stained) material and are hidden under your dress most of the time. I’m going to be wearing silver ankle strap heels which I already own and which will work out well with the dancing we will be doing.
    If you aren’t into having a custom designed dress or wearing an “out of style” dress (seriously? The dress styles haven’t changed all that much in the past decade) then either rent or buy an end of season wedding dress.
    You can also source somethings cheaper instead of trapezing all over town compareing prices and make sure that item is in stock before you go all the way out there.
    A few options here. You can:
    * Hire a fake cake that is huge/looks amazing/ that you couldn’t afford if it wasn’t fake and serve everyone sheet cake
    *Buy a small and awesome looking real cake for the decoration and cutting and then serve your guest sheet cake from the kitchen.
    * Choose simpler decorations for the cake like butter cream icing, ribbon trim and real flowers instead of fondant decorations or sugar flowers.
    * Choose simpler flavours for the cake and filling instead of exotic (vanilla/butter with chocolate filling instead of pistachio cake with guava filling)
    Be careful with DIY
    The reason some of the things you can DIY are expensive is because they are labour intensive and require lots more patience and skill than a stressed out bride and her helpers can manage.
    For example:
    I can do my own bouquet with flowers I buy from the flower market on my wedding day! I know what flower coulours I like!
    You don’t know about grouping, about which flowers work best together or in the situation you’ll have them in, how to make certain shapes and patterns.
    Somethings are ok (invites maybe if you have a good printer and clear idea of what you want and can find supplies to match, centrepieces which aren’t too complicated) but things like the flowers and cake should be left for the professionals
    The Meal
    I’m still all for the quality meal, but instead of 5 courses, have 3 or even 2 if you use your cake as desert/bonbonierre.
    or choose the simpler foods.  Proscutto wrapped baby aspargus spears with african honey glaze at an arm and a leg? no thank you! I’d rather the mini quiches!

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