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    Hello all!
    I got engaged a week and a half ago, and I’ve been looking around at venues and… well, everything really. My parents are chipping in some money for our wedding (which will be sometime in the first half of 2015), and I’m trying to save some more to go with it, so overall we should have between $7000 and $12000 to spend. 
    My main problem is that we wanted to use the sizable garden at the house of one of my fiance’s aunts, but his mum got upset and offended that we didn’t want to use her garden (bearing in mind that we’ve estimated 120 guests, and she has almost no garden to speak of). We’re trying to find something else, but it’s all so expensive for the budget we have. Does anyone have any suggestions for what we could do? We don’t really know anyone else with a garden that big, and I’d really like to have the wedding (ceremony and reception) outside.
    We live and are having the wedding in Adelaide, if that helps.



    Ask the aunt about her garden.
    Explain to your MIL that as lovely as her garden is, you don’t want it ruined by having that many people there in as well as having all those people in and out of her house.
    Paint it as a positive.
    Or find a nice local park and see what the costs and conditions of hiring it are. I know the parks near my house are able to be hired for a nominal fee.
    As for other budget constraints remember that food and alcohol are the biggest costs. And since you are doing it all yourself you will have to set it all up AND pack it all away at the end.



    Thanks for the advice. :) Found a venue that isn’t in the family, and we’re arranging a cash bar so that the guests can pay for their own drinks. We reckon it’s pretty much achievable on budget, so hopefully it all works out!


    See if you can save on dishes and cutlery. I’m planning to undergo this way. In my account, saving will be awesome!


    could choose a seaside instead of a garden I think. that’s should be fun :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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