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    Hi everyone,
    Did/do any of you have problems with a guest who just cannot keep their mouth shut? How did you deal with them on your wedding day?
    My fiance’s brother has a habit of interjecting his opinion and constantly wanting everything his way, even to the point where he refused to wear the suit my fiancé picked for the bridal party to wear on the day, because he thought it was cheap and unflattering, and he wanted to wear one of his own. I would not put it past him to criticise the venue, the decorations or even tell me I look fat in my dress. It’s usually easy to ignore his behaviour or contradict/argue with him, but on the wedding day I think my fiance and i will be too stressed and nervous to deal with him and may end up saying something we will regret and causing a scene for all the wrong reasons :) Any thoughts on how we can best deal with a person like this? I’m considering asking my fiance’s parents to run interference and pull him into line if he starts giving us grief.
    Thanks again for all your wisdom :)
    P.S Only 3 weeks left!! 



    My fam is most certainly NOT normal and our wedding was the 1st time my parents had shared a space for longer than 5mins in 17yrs. To add to this I had a similiar issue with an uncle I was concerned would open his mouth and cause problems with his unwelcomed opinions. I also had a brother who is estranged from my father and they have not spoken or seen eachother in 7yrs. 
    With the uncle (and his new wife – an extremely close family friend) we made the longwinded and guilt ridden decision to not invite them. Yes there are repocussions, but we had to ask ourselves what would change about our relationship if we didnt invite them? The answer was… nothing! In the end it was the right choice.
    Brothers are a little different as obviously they are  little closer. We done as you had mentioned, had my mother run a slight interference not that it helped much. End of the day, your FI should be straight up with him, the sooner the better. “Do it our way without opinion or complaint or be a guest? The bridal party is an honour not a right or invitiation to be rude and disrespectful. If you do or say anything to take away from our happiness on this beautiful day we have welcomed you to, there will be consequences”.
    Some times you need to be firm. Our day worked out great, as will yours. Goodluck!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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