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    I have 2 recommendations
    1 – Hills in Hollywood at chermside. Have an amazing range of dresses, the sales staff are brilliant and they let you take pictures. There was a very shy larger girl in there and we were trying dresses on next to each other you could see she felt uncomfortable and embarased. The sales staff went out of their way to find her a fantastic dress that fit her body shape beautifuly and make her feel special.
    I didnt buy my dress from there as I fell in love with a different one at a different shop but I would have gone back if I didnt find one elsewhere. One of the girls from work got her dress there and she was very happy. prices are competitive too.
    2 – Beladonna (by Wendy Makin) in woollongabba. I havent recieved my dress yet, so I cant comment on the end product but at the moment I’m very happy with the team. They squeezed me in without an appointment. have a fantastic range of dresses at very competitive prices. They pin you into dresses that are 2 big rather than clipping of making you hold it so you get a true image of your dress/potential dress. plus when I got my dress they agve me a sample of the fabric. I also got my bridesmaids dress there (with a discount because I got both bridal and maids) they didnt have a swatch for the bridesmaids dress but tracked one down and posted it to me within a week. I am incredibly happy with their service so far. I’ll keep you posted.
    Stay away from Sugar and Spice in Chermside. I felt sorry for the girl trying to serve us. She clearly was very new, had no one assisting her or giving her direction, we were pussed into a corner of a different room. Then she got reprimanded very loudly in the middle of trying to serve us for her clothing (I didnt think it was inapropriate) and was then shooed away when it looked like I might buy something. Needless to say I didnt spend a cent there.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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