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    <p>Ok, so my best friend is a married bloke approximately 30 years older than me. I would love to include him in my bridal party (was actually his wife that suggested it!) but I know it’s probably going to get a few noses out of joint (eg. my grandmother might actually have a heart attack… they’re a pretty traditional bunch…) and it may look a bit funny with two tiny young blonde bridesmaids and a rather tall, solid 50-something y.o. bloke!</p>
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    <p>I personally wouldn’t have a problem if the other half decided to have one of his female friends as a ‘grooms-woman’. But the difference being the age factor. Doesn’t bother me… age is just a number, but I’ve come across many that don’t hesitate to tell me how inappropriate it is to have older male friends.</p>
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    <p>What do others think? Go for it? Or, stick with the traditional girls?</p>



    <p>I say if he is your best friend (and your fiance has no problem with it), then go for it. I don’t think he will stick out too much (apart from the height factor), as I assume you will have him wear the same thing as the groomsmen. </p>
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    <p>I myself have a lot of male friends – some around my age and some up to 10 years older – and have been told that it is inappropriate by some of the older members of my family (and my partner’s family, which was quite awkward!). I just smiled politely and said that things are different these days and that there is nothing wrong with having a close male friend. My partner doesn’t have a problem with it, the guy’s wife/girlfriend doesn’t have a problem with it and that is all that matters.</p>




    Who cares what people think; if he’s your friend and you want him there by your side, nothing else should matter!

    I say forget about what people will say, the sort of people who have negative opinions or try to impose archaic ideas about what a bridal party should consist of are not worth your time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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