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    just after some advice. My wedding is in a couple of. Months and one of my bridesmaids is a bit of a steam punk fan with out there hair colour . . . I’m concerned that it will clash with the dress I’ve chosen for them. She hasn’t been for her fitting yet, but is it wrong of me to ask her to change her hair for the day???



    This is one of those situations where you are free to ask her (politely, of course), but she is also free to say no. For the record, if I was a bridesmaid and someone asked me to dye my hair just for their wedding, I would feel a little affronted and would probably say no on principle – what I do with my hair is really no one’s business but my own.

    I feel I have to ask – was her hair this colour BEFORE you asked her to be a bridesmaid? If yes, then I think you really need to let it go. You knew what colour her hair was and this didn’t stop you from asking her (I’m assuming because she’s a good friend or relative, and you accept that being steam punk is part of her). If no, then you might have some cause for concern. But you could have mentioned at the beginning that you would prefer the bridesmaids to have a natural hair colour to avoid clashing with the dress. Of course, you weren’t to know that she would turn around and dye her hair some out there colour, which makes the whole thing even more problematic.

    What I would do is wait until the fitting – once this bridesmaid tries on her dress, she might realise (on her own) that the colour of her hair clashes and take it upon herself to dye it. If she decides it doesn’t bother her, this is something I would live with.


    Agreed. You shouldn’t ask her to change her hair color just for your wedding. but if that truely bothered you. I think you could send her a periwing as a gift. when she putting on her dress, you could asked her to try the perwing. May be she will like it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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