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    Hi girls, 
    im curious as to what you are giving your bridesmaids as their gifts? I’m stuck for an ideas…
    Thanks :-)


    I’m probably either paying for their hair and makeup or giving them a necklace to wear on the day… I have no idea which, I guess it depends on what the cheaper option is. That might sound bad, but we’re on a tight budget so it will be up to the bridesmaids which they prefer. I’m also not sure the bridesmaids will like the necklaces I have in mind, so they may prefer getting their own jewellery and me paying their hair and makeup



    I’ve got dressing gowns with names on the back (more wearable than “bridesmaid” I thought), singlets with “bridesmaid”, coat hangers with names ($3 plus shipping from etsy, haven’t arrived yet) and I got my sister some slippers, they weren’t in my maid of honours size. Will pay for their hair and make up and have paid for 50% of the dress (although my sister paid for all of hers by choice). I know it’s already plenty, but I would really like to get my MOH something else, she isn’t getting slippers so I need to make up for that, but she has also done HEAPS more than my sister so I want to show her I appreciate it… ideas?


    Thanks girls, I’m already paying for hair & makeup. 
    I like the idea of the singlets with bridesmaid / maid of honor on them, I was thinking earrings but my maid of honor doesn’t have her ears pierced, then I thought perfume. But back to square one maybe an engraved braclet? 
    Bec2013, what about an engraved piece of jewellery? Maybe with a little thank you or message.
    I’ve never been a bridesmaid before so might have to ask a friend what they were given as a gift. 



    I was stuck on this one a couple of months ago but have ended up getting my bridesmaids, earings (each different to suit their style), a bottle of champagne, lip balm, cute manicure set and body butter, and we have paid for their dress, shoes, hair, makeup and nails. The singlets sound like a great idea!! 


    My sister would be all over the singlet idea haha shed want it for hens night. Have you thought maybe personal gifts for your maids. Like my best friend and sister have differnet tastes so i was thinking of stuff they like individually. My sis loves shopping so i thought a gift card to her fave store and my best friend loves leather and woodwork so im probly going to hunt round market stalls for her and find something i know shell love. The other maids i dont know yet (hubby to be’s sisters but i know one loves her music so i can work in on that). 



    I have two BMs – my best friend and my brother’s girlfriend. They have both been awesome during the planning – they organised an amazing bridal shower for me last weekend, and have put so much effort into my hen’s.
    I will be giving them each pearl earrings to wear on the day, Havaianas to wear while walking around for photos, a soy candle and a Gold Class movie gift card. I wanted to get them something a little indulgent that I knew they wouldn’t buy for themselves…
    We have paid for their dresses, shoes, hair and makeup.


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