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    I’m having some trouble choosing gifts for my bridesmaids and was wondering what other brides have done?



    Hi Megz,
    I’m giving my bridesmaids a silver necklace with a pendant in their first initial, and if I can afford it with some crystals as well. It will double as their wedding jewellery and I think it will look really nice in the photos. For my maid of honour I’ll also get her something like a spa voucher because she has been so involved and helpful in the whole thing and I love her!
    Good luck! 



    Hey Megzs
    I’m spoiling my girls rotten because I love them so much and they have been sooo helpful. 
    So I bought them all my fav perfume (Vera Wang Princess) but in different types (Rock Princess, Preppy Princess, Flower Princess and Glam Princess) all which compliment their personalities. We’re getting all the bridal party a glass (champagne or beer) with their name on it. I also got a gold dress ring for each of the girls with a stone in it the same colour as their dress (rainbow wedding). My flower girls are getting a glass with their name on it (a tumbler since they are too young for champagne) and a necklace with a coloured stone in it. 
    I think I went a bit overboard, have spent about $300 on each of them, but I bought most of it before FH would let me do any wedding planning, so at least that was before we started putting money on the wedding and we actually had a disposable income!!! lol. 



    We are getting married in Fiji and I will be having my 2 sisters as bm’s. So im thinking ill buy them each (and my mum as well coz she is awesome) a nice beach bag and fill it with goodies. Ild do the usual beachy stuff like a sarong and thongs, a wedding survival/emergency, and then have more personalised items like their fav perfume or some nice jewellery. If i get a chance I might even buy some fiji souveniers when we arrive to add to it. The groomsmen gifts I am leaving up to FH (he hasnt even picked his GM yet)


    White silk

    I’m getting married in Winter so im getting them each a faux fur white stole and a pair of pearl earrings, I’m pretty sure its ok to buy them a particular item to wear at the wedding, so long as its something you know they will love, it also helps with uniformity if they are choosing their own gowns



    Mine are getting swarovski crystal and pearl bracelet, necklace & earings, a cute clutch purse, a faux fur stole and a tumbler for the morning of the wedding with their role in the bridal party on it and possibly all matching robes for the wedding day depending on funds I am lucky I can DIY so the jewelery is costing me a lot less than if I had to buy it all :)



    I haven’t quite decided yet but I was thinking a black silk robe, embroidered. Some other ideas I had was a clutch, a necklace or other jewellery. 



    Hey ladies I am buying gifts at the moment for our october wedding, so far have got my girls little gift bags with, earings that are pearl and silver, a cream shawl for at the reception if they get a little cold seen its spring, lippy, champagne, body butter,  manicure set and nail polish and other bits like, mints and panadol we have also paid for their dress, shoes, hair and makeup. For the guys we got them cufflinks with their initials on, a bottle of sprits and a cigar. 



    I’m still making up my mind as our wedding is a while away yet.
    ive been bridesmaid twice.
    the first I received nothing -only the bonnboniere, with no follow up thank-you or anything.
    The second I got a goody bag with a satin gown (the bride ironed on bridesmaid rhinestones), a clutch bag and the jewellery we wore on the day of the wedding. For this wedding the bride had already paid for everything – dress, shoes the works so felt very indulged.

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