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    Posted here and in another section too …
    Hi everyone. I am desperately in need of some help, guidance, whatever! I ordered my bridesmaids dresses in January and they still have not arrived. I am getting a refund of all the money, however my wedding is in just over 2 weeks. I am freaking out. What do I do? I am on a tight budget and one of my bridesmaids (sister) is a size 26, another is 18 and the third is 8. Big difference and No way can I get something off the rack in the same style. Added to that one is 6 hours away and the other w are 1 hour in the other direction. Please help



    Have you thought about having the same colour but different styles? That way you could buy off the rack.  I went for co-ordinating, not matching, I have a bridesmaid in Canada, and one in Australia, and very different body shapes. I just told them to go buy a dress they liked in Blue. Any blue. Any dress. Just as long as they were comfortable. 
    With such a short time line to work with it may be a less stressful option.



    Wow LauraButton
    My dresses arrived 2 weeks ago and before that I was stressing out – and my wedding is in 6 weeks!
    I like the idea of Min13, I do love the photos of the same colour in different shades, it makes for very effective photos. Also, with the very different sized girls they can find something that flatters them all. 
    Other option is to find something at a chain that you like and get them to go into that chain, it depends on the wedding theme as to where you could go. Target do sometimes have some beautiful dresses, or Portmans, Rockmans, places like that. Then you can pick a dress, ask the store for the item code and pass it on to the girls.
    And bugger on your original dresses, my heart is breaking for you! xxx


    Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for the reply’s.
    I decided on Thursday to make the dresses myself. I have now sewn three two layered navy blue infinity dresses, and all that remains to do is hem them.
    I am so incredibly happy in my decision to make them as they will look fabulous on!
    Thanks for the advice, what you both said about getting three different dresses was next on the agenda.



    Wow LauraButton – you’re a superstar!

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