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    Hi everyone. I am desperately in need of some help, guidance, whatever!
    I ordered my bridesmaids dresses in January and they still have not arrived. I am getting a refund of all the money, however my wedding is in just over 2 weeks. I am freaking out.
    What do I do? I am on a tight budget and one of my bridesmaids (sister) is a size 26, another is 18 and the third is 8. Big difference and No way can I get something off the rack in the same style. Added to that one is 6 hours away and the other w are 1 hour in the other direction.
    Please help


    Hi Laura, would you consider having 3 different style dresses but in the same colour? My friend had 3 bridesmaids, one was fairly curvy, another one was pregnant, so they didn’t all suit the same style. She had them all in the same colour and they picked the style that best suited them. What colour are you planning on having? If it’s a fairly popular colour you can send them out to grab something for themselves and save you some stress…


    Hi Emerald,
    I have sewn three navy blue two layered infinity style dresses for the girls.
    All I need to do to finish them off is hem them. I am so glad that they have turned out wonderfully.


    Laura, that sounds great! Lucky you’re able to do that. Glad they turned out alright!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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