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    Hi Everyone,
    I have been liasing with bridesmaidtide.com.au about my bridesmaids dresses. Thus far they have been really helpful, and answered heaps of my difficult questions via email.
    I found them through the suppliers listed on theknot but am not sure if suppliers can list themselves there or if they are actually reccomended and reliable.
    Their website says they are an Australian company and they have an address in Burwood Sydney, however I have asked them to send me some material swatches, they have said the swatches are free but they have asked me to pay $25 in postage.
    I dont mind paying for the postage, but think it is a bit overpriced considering I live about 10km from where they say they are located.
    I am sure they are fine, but I guess everyone has hesitations buying online. I have failed to find any online reviews.
    Just wondering if anyone has purchased bridesmaids dresses from this business and how they turned out?



    No, advertisers pay to be listed on the site, it is a form of revenue for The Knot, and although you’d hope they properly check out sources, there’s no real guarantee.
    That postage sounds fishy, check out the address on Google maps or drive there if it is close, maybe even ask if you can pick up the swatches. The shopping shouldn’t be $25 so it’s probably a sneaky way of getting you to pay while marking it as “shipping”, I would recommend keeping records of all communications and transactions (take screenshots as well) and then report them to an organisation such as the ACCC. I wouldn’t pay more than a few dollars for swatches, and a lot of services will offer then for free to encourage business or will displace the cost on any items you purchase (I.e. The swatches cost $6 so you get $6 off a future purchase from their service).


    Thanks, I have just tried to pay for the swatches, whitch they asked me to do via pay pal and it is telling me their email addy is not registered.
    I have done further research on the site and it looks like they have a location in the UK. So I am interested to know if that is where the swatches are coming from.
    Im not really sure where to go from here I spent so much time picking dresses because one of my bridesmaids is pregnant.
    I would really like to know if anyone has purchased from the site.


    Whenever you shop online make sure to check their online status and online reviews, this helps us to decide whether the company is real and can serve people fairly. Before paying make sure to check every detail and if you find them reliable then only go for it otherwise don’t.



    It sounds like you should cut your losses, you’ve already lost your time to then so don’t lose your money as well. There are a lot of great sites and physical stores out there, so keep a record of the cases you picked out and you can possibly find something similar.
    Lightinthebox.com may be an option for you, I’ve ordered dresses through them as a wedding guest and the dresses are really nice, they can be custom sized and are really cheap, they also have maternity options and a very wide range. They’re on my short list for bridesmaids dresses as well, so give it a go and order a sample so you can get an idea of the quality of the dresses, you can also get a swatch booklet through them to see all their fabrics (I ordered one myself) but they have a comprehensive list of swatches on the website as well, and instruction videos for measurements etc.


    Thanks guys. 
    I am convinced this website is a scam. I still have not heard back from them about the incorrect paypal email or the  shipping location and  their uk website has been suspended. 
    I contacted the knot to let them know they were advertising for scammers but they  pretty much said that as long as their advertising payments are up to date they don’t care. Which I think is pretty pathetic given the site is meant to support brides not assist in ripping them off. 
    Hopefully, the reviews I have written about my experience will be enough to warn other brides off. 
    I ended up going to a shop to see the same dresses they had advertised (which were rip off Alfred Sung dresses on the site) and hated them in real life especially considering the in store price. 
    I ended up getting the  dresses from Luv Bridal, which is the same place I got mine from.  That is a fantastic store! 



    Thank goodness you managed to get out before any serious issues (like waiting for dresses that never come and running out of time), you did the right thing, and I’m so glad you got some great dresses in the end (post pictures! :D).
    I’m pretty disappointed in The Knot’s response, they should have investigated further and taken your feedback seriously. But let’s face it, they’re not very good at upkeep, they never moderate the forum (there’s loads of unsolicited ads by fake accounts,  especially in the dress section; and no way to report them). Hopefully you have a great experience with your alternative choice!


    Cathy Gao

    Hi all!

    I have bought 4 bridesmaid dresses off this website. Their initial customer service was okay. When I received the rough packaging (in a plastic packaging, all scrunched up, straight out of China) and when I opened it, it was totally different to the description and photos. Lisa from the company have admitted that they use a different fabric (tulle in my case) to the description and photos, thus the cheaper price.. but claim it’s quite similar. That is absolute FRAUD in my opinion and they do not have any disclaimer on their website or on the dress description that it might vary from the actual product. Now I have tried to contact the company to get my refund but they are not cooperating at all. TRUST ME girls, do not try to save money and buy from this company. You will end up with more hassle and have to get another set of dresses because the quality is so bad!!!
    Another few points:
    – they are not an Australian company and have used the com.au to trick their customers
    – they have charged me $60 extra as per the invoice on my credit card bill (!!!) I couldn’t believe this when I saw it on my credit card bill, so now I’m disputing these charges with my credit card company.
    – they have obsurd shipping costs, but now it’s understandable since it’s coming from China.
    – do not be tricked by the fact that they are recommended on The Knot’s website.. they are totally rubbish.

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