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    Hi girls,

    Just a quick question, has anyone found they spoke more about their wedding to one of their bridesmaids more so then their MOH? I am currently finding one of my bridesmaids seems more excited, wants to talk about the wedding, hens etc more then my MOH. To me my bridesmaids are all equally important to me, my MOH is a close friend I’ve known forever? Who although I don’t see as much is someone I wouldn’t imagine not having by my side and my other a close friend of more recent years who I see quiet a lot and is already married. Is this normal or odd? This may be an odd question but sometimes I feel as though I should be talking to my MOH first about things but I normally end up talking to my BM as she asks about it. Thanks in advance! 


    Hi ExcitedBride, at the moment I have friends asking more about the wedding than my bridesmaid it. I would say it is more about their personalities. My sister is my only bridesmaid, and she doesn’t ever want to get married, but thinks that if you do you should do everything traditionally. Therefore, so far, she hasn’t really been interested and doesn’t understand why my fiancé and I are changing the rules. Whereas I have other friends who keep asking about the wedding and what our planning has been so far, etc. it just all depends on the individual personality and I wouldn’t say it’s that weird. I am a wedding-crazy person and spent ages talking weddings with my cousin who just got married, that’s just who I am!


    Hi Emeraldbride,
    Thanks for that! I would never have thought about difference in personalities and now you’ve pointed it out I think you’re right, my MOH and Bridesmaid are very different. You’ve definitely put my mind at ease as I was starting to think it was bad to talk to one more so than the other. :-) 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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