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    <p>Hi. I just wanted an idea of where I stand in this situation, as the bride. I asked my bridesmaids to wear silver shoes, any style as long as silver. I’d been with them a few times looking but yet to find any they were happy with. I just found out they have purchased beige shoes and I wasn’t consulted on the colour change and not exactly thrilled about it. I’m not sure what to do? Do I tell them they carnt wear them or just suck it up? </p>
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    <p>Additional details are; the flower girls are wearing silver shoes (already purchased) and purple dresses</p>
    <p>The bridesmaids dresses are long so shoes not always visible. And each girl is wearing a different shade of purple. </p>
    <p>Its a formal dress code for wedding guests. </p>
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    <p>I just wonder what anyone else would do in the above situation?</p>


    <p>Hi Daizy,</p>
    <p>My initial reaction when I read your post was feeling sad. It seems pretty mean that they have gone against the grain and made a decision outside of your guidelines. It sounds like you are being as accomodating as possible by saying they can choose any style so long as its silver… Its not like you are dictating the shoes they have to buy.</p>
    <p>If that is your colour scheme then I believe you need to be a little firmer. Its your wedding day and your bridesmaids have been asked to be by your side as a support for your dream day… not to battle with you. Its the job of a bridesmaid to go with the brides wishes… Id wear a puffy orange dress and clashing pink shoes if that is what made my friend happy on her wedding day. Its not about me or my fashion statement on their day.</p>
    <p>Im sure if you take them all out for a coffee and talk it through with them they will come around and see sense… Or perhaps if their is one of them that you are particularly close too have the conversation with her first?</p>
    <p>Perhaps say something to them all like ‘I just wondered about the shoes – Im feeling a little (insert emotion here) about it as I had a vision of my bridesmaids wearing silver shoes. What are your thoughts?’… hear what they have to say then go from there :)</p>



    Here is the one thought I have come to with my wedding, now thats its only one week away. Will this issue and the outcome, (whatever it may be), absolutely ruin your day? If your initial thought is no – then DONT STRESS ABOUT IT!! I almost lost it when my bridemaids changed the width of a ribbon on their dress – but then I thought, well I’m not wearing it and it really doesn’t personally affect me. The wedding will still happen with or without the ribbon! I’ve had other issues too, (like a groomsman cancelling with two weeks notice), but I am just going with the flow now – it will all work out and in the end I will still be marrying my partner!
    Good luck!


    Chris Lee

    Why there are so much troubles? You should choose the color before they pick the shoes, better to ask them to go with you.



    Chris Lee – clearly you have not read the question. Daizy clearly stated in her question that she asked the bridesmaids to wear silver shoes and that she even went shopping with them a few times. The bridesmaids decided to change the colour without first informing her. That is why there are ‘troubles’.


    To buy spare shoes which are inexpensive?

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